Top Ten must sees in Walt Disney World?

Top Ten must sees in Walt Disney World?

by Sonic S.
(Phila, PA)

Dad, what are your top ten must sees in Walt Disney World? What is the most overlooked location in Disney world? besides the barber shop in MK ;)
Thanks for your time. Keep up the good work.

Dad's this is going to take a while Answer


Thanks for the question, and it's a great one. For the top ten must sees in Walt Disney World, let me say a couple of things. First, here is Dad's list of Dad's favorite rides at Disney World -

Dad's favorite Disney World rides

Now for a list of other things that are must sees???? Let me think???

  • Christmas at Disney World will always come first. Everyone should experience it once.
  • Seeing Cinderella Castle at night from Main Street is one.
  • Wishes
  • The lobby of the Grand Floridian

  • Those would be on the top of the list. I'm sure if you pressed me, I could come up with about a hundred others, and if I thought about it, there's something I'm overlooking.

    Now for the most overlooked (or least appreciated) thing to see at Walt Disney World. Second would Fort Wilderness Campground. They have a whole bunch of neat things over there. But the first thing that gets taken for granted is the beauty of the whole resort. The plant sculptures, the beautiful flowers, the way everything is always perfect and clean, the clean floors, bathrooms, restaurants ... it's amazing.

    That's just me. What do you think?

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