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Tour the Disney Cruise ship

by Tina

We are going to Disney in two weeks!!! My kids (18 and 14) have never seen a cruise ship in “person” before. My husband and I wanted to take a detour to Port Canaveral and let them tour the Disney Cruise ship. My question is a two part. First, how can we find out if and when a Disney ship would be there and Second, will they allow us on the ship to just tour it? I know in years past on other ships visitors could board and they would announce when it was time for visitors to leave. I have been on the Disney Cruise but of course I was so wrapped up in seeing the ship myself I did not pay attention to whether this was allowed.

Dad’s oooohhh, good question Answer,

Tina, what a great idea. I can answer the first question, but I’m kinda guessing on the second.

The ships are in port on a very predictable schedule. The Magic will be in port on Saturday morning and leave around 4pm. The Wonder/Dream will be in port on Sunday and Thursday. It arrives in the morning and departs in the afternoon. Disney only has one terminal at Port Canaveral, so there is only one parking place.

Port Canaveral is home to several cruise ships. Here is the list.

Now on to whether you can tour a Disney cruise ship while in port. It used to be common for the cruise lines to open up to guests for a while during port visits. Those days are gone. (This is just Dad’s opinion, he’s never tried it.) I believe I read somewhere last year that most, if not all, cruise lines have discontinued non-ticketed guests touring the ship while in port.

Two reasons – one is security, one is there is a lot of stuff to do in just a couple of hours. They have to disembark all the guests, clean all the cabins, sweep all the carpets, etc. I’m pretty sure that no tours are allowed, except for those arranged with the cruise line beforehand.

Hope that helps,

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