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Touring Plan for December


by George
(Silver Spring, MD, USA)


How does our touring plan for December look?


Your December Disney World Crowds page says early December crowds are light.


We have two families with 6, 9, 10 and 12 year old girls. We are opening Animal Kingdom on Sunday, doing Fantasmic on Monday and Mickeys Christmas party on Tuesday.


Since Mon and Tue will be touring into the night we were thinking of just going with the a mid-day arrival and staying until closing.


The rest of the week will be spent at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.


I know the 1st two hours are the best time to tour, but this time of year how bad will lines be Noon to 8:00 pm?

Dad’s Marvelous Answer


George. Congratulations. December is the best time to visit Walt Disney World.


Your touring plan for December will work great unless the Monday and Tuesday you’re talking about are the 7th and 8th. That week is the annual football tournament and cheerleader event at Disney World. Screaming teenagers will be out in force in the evenings.


The real problem you might encounter is with Monday. Fantasmic is currently being shown only on Sundays and Thursdays. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been closing as early as 7:00pm on Mondays. The schedule won’t be posted until sometime in September. Watch Dad’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios page for more information.


I’m not sure you can tour all of the Studios from mid-day until 7:00.


I do agree with a mid-day arrival on Tuesday and then enjoying Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I’m jealous.

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George, you and the girls have fun. December should be a great time to visit.


Dad loves Christmas at Disney World.


Comments for

Jul 03, 2009 Touring Dec
by: George Thanks, We will be gone when the football tournament starts. We are Nov 28th thru Dec 5th. Doing parks Sun – Fri. If Fantasmic is not on Monday’s we will leave Animal Kingdom in time to make Fantasmic. Here is our tenative schd.
Sun Open AK – 300ish, either a few late hours at MK or HS for Fantasmic.
Mon 1100 HS to close (Fantasmic is not Mon)
Tue 4:00 Mickey’s Christmas to close
Wed non park day tour other Disney resorts
Thu 1000 MK (Bippity Bop) to close/ drop
Fri TBD Ohana breakfast then monorail to EPCOT.

I’m thinking the days we don’t open a park, if we stay to close the last hour or more it will be very low crowds? Almost as low as the 1st hour. . . . AGAIN THANKS, LOVE YOUR SITE…


Dad’s Reply

Thanks George,

The last hour can be slow if the hour is very late. For example if Disney’s Hollywood Studios closes at 7:00, then the last hour will be very busy. For the Magic Kingdom it’s busy until the first parade then the crowds tend to leave. Animal Kingdom is usually busy until closing. EPCOT’s rides do slow down after 8:00.

Have a good trip!

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