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Touringplan Lines App Accuracy

by Lauren

Hi! I was just wondering how accurate the Disney World ride wait time on the TouringPlans Lines App is??? Are they pretty much on the spot, or are they inaccurate?

Thanks in advance!

Dad’s hey, Len how do I answer this one Answer


What a great question. Since is a brand new sponsor of this site, I might not be the most objective, and since I don’t even own a Smartphone I don’t really have any practical experience. (I don’t own a Smartphone only because I’m cheap and won’t pay the extra for the data plan.) But, you know me, I’ll give it a shot anyway.

The Touringplans “Lines” app is as accurate as any line application can be. Len Testa (the crowd guru over at The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World) has a team in each park almost all the time to do their best to keep the app up to date. They also take reports from guests in line to verify the times that Disney posts on the boards around the park.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

I haven’t actually gone to the park with a phone to try it out yet, just looking at reviews on some of the Disney forums, I don’t see a lot of complaints. It seems to work very well. Good job Len.

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Feb 20, 2011

Hey dad!!!!

by: Lauren

Thanks alot!! Well be in the parks in late March, and were planning on using this app, so i’ll let you know how it works!

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