Tower of Terror, Pandora, Drones, New MagicBands, and lots more news!

Tower of Terror, Pandora, Drones, New MagicBands, and lots more news!

by Dad
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It's been a big, no a HUGE week of Disney news and more is coming out all the time.

The New Jingle Bell Jingle Bam show at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Our buddy Brett was at the first Jingle Bell Jingle Bam show - Photo by Brett Svenson

The "old" news -
  • Starbright Holidays - A new show was tested at Disney Springs this week. It's a holiday light show that includes drones. 300 drone aircraft will perform a 10 minute light show over the river between Disney Springs and Saratoga Springs. A 5-minute show is being performed as a test. Full implementation is coming soon.
  • Jingle Bell Jingle Bam - another new Christmas show being performed nightly at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It's a projection show being shown on the Chinese Theater as part of the Christmas fireworks show.
  • New Ticket Option Test - Disney is testing a new ticket option. It's called the 4 Park Magic Ticket. It allows you one entry to a park per day. It also is for one entry to each park. So you can only go to each park one time. Also, you can't reenter a park. The price is $70 per day.
  • PizzeRizzo opened on Friday at the old Toy Story Pizza Planet location.
There are a bunch of announcements coming out of the D23 event at WDW this weekend.

The New MagicBand2

Check out the new MagicBand2 courtesy of our friends at Destinations to Travel

The "new" news -
  • MagicBands2 - we heard earlier in the summer about a hockey puck sensor for MagicBands. It's here. MagicBands2 are being debuted at the D23 event this weekend. The "hockey puck" will hold all of your information so you'll be able to have multiple color bands and just change out the "hockey puck". A different color band every day. Oh boy. Now we can choose our clothes based on the MagicBand of the day!
  • Tower of Terror - no news is big news. The Tower of Terror is not changing. No Guardians of the Galaxy, no new look. Nothing. It's not changing and that's big news.
  • Transportation - Disney Transportation is functional and works pretty well, but over the next few years it's going to get an upgrade from functional to "Magical". That's the story coming out of the D23 event. What that means...?
  • Epcot Makeover - speaking of makeovers, a long needed makeover is coming to Epcot. Details are not available, but the announcement at the D23 event said Epcot would get a makeover that would give it a more "Disney feel" and take it back to it's original ideas Walt had for Epcot.
  • Pandora:The World of Avatar will be opening in the summer of 2017. We'll see.

    That's a lot of big news. We'll be talking about it a lot so stick around.



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