Transportation at Fort Wilderness Campground

Transportation at Fort Wilderness Campground

by Danielle

We will be staying at Fort Wilderness in May for 3 nights. Do you suggest driving our car to and from the parks, or taking the buses? About how long will the buses take and will we be able to get to the parks before they open? Thanks!

Dad's not as easy as it sounds Answer

Fort Wilderness is a very different animal than any of the other Disney World resorts. This is one resort (and you wouldn't think this is true) where it really does pay to have a car at Disney World. Why? Because the transportation at Fort Wilderness is difficult at best.

The rules for Fort Wilderness is you either walk, rent a electric golf cart or use the internal Disney World Escorted Motor Coaches (bus). You are only supposed to drive your car when you enter or leave the campgrounds, like going to the parks. You just can't drive around the interior of the campground.

First let me say, the Fort Wilderness Campground is a really big area. It's over a mile long and half a mile wide. You might have to walk over a mile to get to the bus depot or to the marina which are the 2 main transportation areas.

Getting to the parks before they open will be a challenge if you try to use the the internal transportation at Fort Wilderness which starts running around an hour before the parks open.

To get to the Magic Kingdom take a bus to the Settlement Depot then walk to the marina. (Or just walk to the marina.) From there you take the Magic Kingdom launch to the Magic Kingdom (duh). You'll want to do this and not drive your car.

For all the other parks, you take a bus or walk to the Outpost Depot and grab a escorted motor coach to the park. The ride from Fort Wilderness to the parks can take up to 30 minutes (Animal Kingdom). So getting to the Animal Kingdom when it first opens will be difficult unless you drive your car.

Dad's Bottom Line

The Fort Wilderness Campground has a reputation for having unreliable transportation. Getting to the parks when they open will be easy if you drive your own car. (For the Magic Kingdom take the launch.) The longest it will take you to get to any park will be 30 minutes to Animal Kingdom.

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Jan 07, 2019
Personal Vehicle to AK?
by: Amy

For Animal Kingdom, do you recommend us driving our own vehicle? I’m assuming from your post that we cannot drive our Jeep from the campsite, to the bus Outpost and leave it there while we take the bus to the park? Or is the bus ride so long that a personal vehicle is best?

Dad Answers

I would drive my personal vehicle. You can drive into the campground as a camper.

Nov 29, 2017
Rent a golf cart at Ft Wilderness
by: Jennifer

When staying in Ft Wilderness you must rent a golf cart. It will make your life much easier, oh and by the way, they are so fun. Take the golf cart to the marina and catch ferry to MK. It's super easy. Waiting for the bus when you are tired stinks. You will want to drive around Ft Wilderness and check things out. So a golf cart is the way to go. You can rent them at the camp ground. Make a reservation because they do book up.

May 11, 2015
disney help!
by: Anonymous

We will be at the campground soon and in your comments it said take your car to the launch? Can you drive to that or do you have to park somewhere else? We are only going to the Magic Kingdom.

I need to know the best way to travel from the campgrounds to the Magic Kingdom because we want to get there super early before they open and also we will be there during Magic Hours.

Dad Answers

You won't be able to drive a car inside the campgrounds. Parking is at the front of the campgrounds and a long way from most of the camping sites.

There are 3 ways to get from Ft. Wilderness to the Magic Kingdom. The launch (boat) runs about every 20 minutes and goes from the boat dock directly to the Magic Kingdom.

There is a bus at the main bus stop that goes from the campground to the Magic Kingdom or you could drive your car. Driving your car is probably the worst of the options because when you drive you park in the Magic Kingdom parking lot and to get to the park you have to take a tram to the Transportation and Ticket Center then the monorail or ferry over to the Magic Kingdom.

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