Transportation at Walt Disney World

Transportation at Walt Disney World

by Amy

HI there! My son has been granted a wish with the Children's Wish Foundation. My husband, my 3 1/2 year old daughter and I will be traveling to WDW on Nov 28. We are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort. I've heard that travel on the bus could take up to 90 min?? Is this correct? I do not like the thoughts of this.

Also, we are only at Walt Disney World for 4 days since we are leaving then for a Disney cruise to the Bahamas. I was thinking we should do Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Sea World? I would appreciate your thoughts on this and any other suggestions you may have to ensure my kids get the best experience ever!!

Dad's I'm a bit jealous Answer


Congratulations on your trip. I hope it's fabulous.

Yes, Transportation at Disney World can be frustrating at times. The Caribbean Beach Resort is one of the worst offenders. Why? Because of the layout of the resort.

The moderate resorts are different from the value resorts and the deluxe resorts in that they have multiple bus stops (the Old Key West does too). For example the Caribbean Beach Resort has 6 bus stops. So if you get on the bus at the first stop and it takes 5 minutes per stop, that's 30 minutes just to get out of the resort. So, if you have to wait for a bus at all ... you see the problem.

Normally, transportation at Disney World should be able to get you to any of the parks within 45 minutes, especially the week you will be there. Getting to another resort is a different situation, however with the length of your stay, you probably won't be trying to get to any of the difficult resorts.

This is why Dad always recommends a car at Disney World.

On to suggestions for your trip. I think you have probably picked the best parks to visit, especially if the kids like animals and from your choices, I assume that's true.

Make sure to get to the parks early. At Animal Kingdom ride the Safari first thing. At the Magic Kingdom, I'd start with Dumbo and the Tea Cups.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Amy, just make sure not to get too uptight. Relax, and enjoy. Don't stress. If someone gets tired, take a break. If someone wants to see a show again, do it. Make sure to take lots of pictures and let Disney photographers take lots of pictures.

But most of all, cherish the time you are there and together.

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