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Transportation from Disney World to the Pro Bowl 2018

by Kirstie
(Ns, canada)

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“What are the best transportation options for traveling from Walt Disney World to and from the Pro Bowl in 2018? We are staying at Saratoga Springs. Thanks in advance.”

Kristy, it’s just amazing how little information there is on the Pro Bowl and Walt Disney World, especially when it comes to transportation. I can’t find anything about shuttles, about anything for how to get from Walt Disney World to the Pro Bowl.

My guess is there will be shuttles to take people from Disney to the Pro Bowl because Disney is the headquarters of the Pro Bowl. They’re doing a lot of the pre-game things at the Wide World of Sports Complex. The football game is actually downtown at the Camping World Stadium.

You can get there Uber, Lyft, or cab. I would NOT recommend that you use the bus system from Disney World. The LYNX (local public transportation system) has a bus from Downtown Disney but it takes 2 different buses and a 20 minute walk.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Will there be shuttles? I think there will be, but I can’t find any information about it, but my educated guess is there will be plenty of options to get from Disney World to the Pro Bowl. Be sure and ask at Saratoga Springs when you arrive. They’ll know.


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Jan 01, 2018 Transport from DW to ProBowl
by: Anonymous

I contacted DW last week and asked that very question and was told DW would not be running shuttles to the probowl. My concern is not getting there but getting back. With that much traffic how will we know where to catch a taxi/ Uber back to DW and will it be hard to get one at that time? Thanks

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