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Transportation from the All Star Movies

by Maridonna

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“We are staying at the All-Star Movies and have two character breakfasts set up, one for the Grand Floridian and the other at the Beach Club. What’s the best way to travel to other resorts that early in the day? For the Grand Floridian, I was going to bus to the Magic Kingdom, walk to the Contemporary, and then take the monorail to the Grand Floridian. Is that the best route? What about the Beach Club? It seems a little trickier.

Thanks, Dad.”

A Dalmatian watching the TV at the All Star Movies Resort

Now isn’t that cute… – Photo by Cliff Wang

Maridonna, I wanted to answer this question, because I wanted to talk about transportation. I like talking about transportation at Walt Disney World. They have the best transportation system in the world. They just do. The transportation options are pretty, pretty cool, but you’ve chosen one of the harder ones. Getting from the All-Star Resorts, say like you said, the All-Star Movies, to any of the other resorts is difficult, because unlike the monorail resorts, unlike the EPCOT resorts, you don’t have that direct transportation.

Dad’s All Star Music page

The Value Resorts and the moderate resorts to a lesser extent … The Value Resorts and the Moderate Resorts are a little harder to get to the parks and to especially the other hotels. The other hotels are always the hardest.

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When Dad’s book comes out in August, one of the things we have is a bunch of bonus content. One of our pieces of bonus content is , The Ultimate Guide to Walt Disney World Transportation. It’s a eBook about how to get around at Walt Disney World. In that book, we have little maps, little pages, where we talk about how to get from all the resorts. I printed out the wrong one. I printed out the Music instead of the Movies, but it’s the same way, because you do the same thing.

Dad's Ultimate Guide to WDW Transportation Civer

To get from the All-Star Music Resort, or Movies Resort, or Sports Resort, to the Grand Floridian, that’s pretty easy. Like you say, you take bus to the Magic Kingdom. You don’t have to walk over to the Contemporary. I wouldn’t walk all that way. You can walk right over to either the monorail, which is just a short walk, but it’s not nearly as far as the Contemporary. Walk over to the monorail.

You can get right on the monorail at the Magic Kingdom and take it all the way around to the Grand Floridian. It will be the last stop before you get back to the Magic Kingdom. Or you can get on one of their boats, their little launches and take the launch to the Grand Floridian. That’s a cool little ride. I love riding the launches around Seven Seas Lagoon. It’s just fun.

You can take the launch or the monorail around to the Grand Floridian. That will take 45 minutes to an hour or so total.

The other one’s are going to be a little harder. Like you said, the Beach Club’s going to be harder, because there is no direct transportation. You have to go to a park to get from hotel to hotel. There are no hotel-to-hotel shuttles, bus service. If it’s not one of the monorail hotels, then you’re going to have to take an intermediate step.

I would suggest you either go to the Animal Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Whichever bus comes first, that’s the one I would hop on. Then you get the bus to the Beach Club.

Now, one thing about going to the Beach Club is you don’t go directly to the Beach Club. You’re going to stop at the Swan and Dolphin, and you’re going to stop at the Boardwalk. You’ll make some intermediate stops before you get to the Beach Club. That’s just the way it’s designed. You might make three, four stops before you get to the Beach Club, so it’s going to take some time to get from the All-Star Movies to the Beach Club. My guess is probably you ought to allow an hour and a half. That’s a lot of time.

The alternative would be to use Uber. Uber costs between 7 and 25 bucks depending on how far you go and what kind of car you want. You can look at the Uber app and see how much it would cost. You’ve also got taxis. All the hotels have taxis waiting where you can jump in a taxi. Probably a little more expensive to go in a taxi. It’s still pretty cheap. It’s around 20 bucks to go from hotel to hotel at Walt Disney World in a taxi.

Josh and family jumping in a Minnie Van

Josh from gave a Minnie Van a try

OR… You can take a Minnie Van! Disney just started their Minnie Van service. For $20 per trip you can go in style between hotels, parks and any other Disney destination inside WDW. It just looks cool.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Those are the options for you. Getting to the Grand Floridian, pretty simple. Take 45 minutes, maybe an hour. Maybe less, if you get lucky. Going to the Beach Club, it will take a full hour and maybe longer. I hope that helps, Maridonna. I hope that answers your question, and we’ll talk some more on Facebook.


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Jul 24, 2017 Uber it
by: Tonia

We just did this last week! It was $9 to uber from All Star Music to Disney Boardwalk Resort. It took us about 10 minutes from pickup to dropoff. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

We did the monorail to Contemporary Resort, and it was ok, but it took A LONG TIME… almost 30 minutes to get on the monorail and get there. Not sure if that’s normal or not, but we were already at Magic Kingdom, so it was the best way.

Jul 23, 2017 Transportation
by: Roylene

We took a boat from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios. It stopped at the Beach Club, Boardwalk but you need to go in EPCOT(boat was by France)you can also take the boat from Hollywood Studios to the Beach Club

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