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Transportation from the Polynesian Resort

by rachel
(south jersey)

Help please!

We are going to Disney World for our honeymoon. we are staying at the Polynesian and our tickets have park hopper option. Me and soon to be husband are super relaxed people. So if I don’t plan things out we will probably waste a lot of time wandering in circles.

What I need help with is transportation from the Polynesian Resort. From all my research this is what I figured:

  • getting from our resort to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT should be easy with the monorail.
  • to get to Animal Kingdom we should go to the Transportation & Ticket Center to get a bus to Animal Kingdom, or is there a bus direct from our resort?
  • to get from Animal Kingdom to EPCOT: take bus back to Transportation and Ticket Center then monorail to EPCOT?
  • to get from the Polynesian Resort to Disney Hollywood Studios we go to the Transportation and Ticket Center then bus to Disney Hollywood Studios?

    are these good options or do you have better suggestions (other than driving)? Our last Disney World trip was at least 10 yrs ago. so basically this could be considered our first trip.

    Dad’s skip the Transportation and Ticket Center answer


    Thanks for the great question. As you probably know the Polynesian Resort is just about as close to paradise as you can get (in Dad’s not so humble opinion). I can’t think of a better place for a honeymoon.

    Transportation options from the Polynesian are easier than you think. Yes, you take the Disney World monorail to the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. You can also take the Ferry from the Transportation and Ticket center to the Magic Kingdom and there is a ferry boat that runs from the boat launch. Those are easy.

    Now it gets easier. Easier? Yep, easier. You don’t have to make any decisions when it comes to transportation from the Polynesian to Disney Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom. The only way to get their is by bus, excuse me, an state-of-the-art luxury motorcoach (that’s what Disney calls them). There is a bus stop on the Transportation and Ticket Center end of the Great Ceremonial House.

    Resort Transportation

    .Buses are shared with the Grand Floridian and even the Contemporary. But it’s not too bad. From the Polynesian Resort, you can get a bus to each of the theme parks, the water parks and Downtown Disney.

    Getting from Animal Kingdom to EPCOT is the same. There is a bus. Simple. Go to the bus stop and find the EPCOT bus. (All the parks have buses to other parks.)

    Dad’s Bottom Line

    Rachel, Disney Transportation from the Polynesian is better than any other resort even without the Transportation and Ticket Center being right there. Have a great time.

Comments for Transportation from the Polynesian Resort

Sep 23, 2016


by: Anonymous

So I want to make sure I get this straight. We are going to be at Hollywood Studios and have dinner planned at the Polynesian at 5:15. Is the easiest thing to take a bus over to there and back?

Dad’s Answer

That’s right.

Aug 17, 2012

The Casual Approach

by: Anonymous

You can also take the monorail to EPCOT from the ticket and Transportation center then go to the world show case and make a right. Instead of going over the bridge towards France go straight and exit. Directly to the left there is a resort launch that goes to the Swan and then on to Hollywood Studios. This is the preferred method for frequent flyers with park hopping abilities and plenty of time to enjoy Disney. It’s all about getting there.

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