Transportation from WDW to Universal

by Stephanie
(Columbus, OH)

Our family is planning to purchase a vacation package through Disney including flights, resort, park tickets and dining. If we want to take a day to visit Universal Studios while staying in the Disney resort, is there a particular more of transportation you would recommend since we won’t have our car?

The main Street in the Harry Potter section of Universal Studio's Orlando

You might want to take a look at Universal – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad’s let me help you out.


First let me say you have one of my all time favorite names (The Princess is named Stefanie).

Enough of that. I probably shouldn’t make a snide remark about slipping away from Disney World to go to Universal, so I won’t. With all the new stuff over there it’s probably a good thing.

I will say before I talk about the transportation that I would highly recommend that you not book directly with Disney. Yes, I said don’t do it. Let my partners over at Destinations to Travel do your booking for you.

There are several reasons I say this. The biggest is peace of mind. Disney is out for one thing. Yes, they have great customer service, but their job is to make as much money for Disney as possible. If you book with a GOOD Disney Travel Agent you not only get everything Disney offers, but you get much more.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Shannon (my partner at Destinations to Travel) had a great article on why to book with a Disney Travel Agent. Be sure to check out reasons #3, 6 and 9. Very important.

OK, sorry about that but I’m really passionate about getting you the best experience possible and I thing booking with Destinations to Travel will help with that.

On to transportation from Walt Disney World to Universal Studios.

The best way I know of to get back and forth is Mears Shuttle Service. They have several different types of shuttles that go to Universal. One of the cheapest options is Towncar service. That’s a cool ride.

It all depends on your hotel and where you want to be picked up at. That’s one of the thing that Shannon and her crew really know and can help with that Disney won’t even bother with.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

There are other ways to get over to Universal. You can rent a taxi (costs about the same as Mears). You can even ride public transportation (very cheap, but a difficult commute.) You can even rent a car for a day. National has several car counters right on Disney property.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Stephanie, we like having a car at Disney World just for these types of trips. But with Magical Express that’s not as popular as it used to be. Even for Dad. Rent a car, take a shuttle, take a taxi, they’ll all get you there.

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Feb 25, 2015 getting around
by: art

We have found that the Lynx city bus system works well for some attractions. They stop at the Disney transportation center.

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