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Travel time at Walt Disney World


by paula randol
(amite, louisiana)


Hello. Awhile back I found a site on the internet with maps of the theme parks showing the travel time at Walt Disney World it takes from attraction to attraction. But now I can’t find it anymore.


Would you have this information or know where to find it. We are planning our first Orlando Disney World Trip and was trying to get an idea of how far apart things were to make touring plans. Thank you.

Travel Time to Disney World can be increased by this vintage double decker bus

Travel Time at Walt Disney World – Slow Photo by Jeff_B

Dad’s it depends Answer



I remember using those tables and now I can’t find them anymore. I can tell you why they have disappeared. (It’s a guess on my part.) They were taken down because the were not always accurate.


It’s hard to predict with certainty travel times at Walt Disney World. Why? Because of the different factors that are involved. On a slow day, you can get around a whole lot faster (sometimes) than on a busy day. But sometimes on a busy day the buses run on shorter intervals and more often so you don’t have to wait so long for a bus.

Dad’s Disney World Transportation page


It’s the same inside the parks. On a slow day, you might be able to walk from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain in 5 minutes, but if you try that during the afternoon parade it could take 30 minutes.


If you use internal (or should I say infernal) park transportation there is no telling how long it will take to get from point A to point B.


The best thing I can offer is a subscription to They have the most complete touring plan information on the net.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Paula, when I was at Disney World in March, I went from the Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House to the Magic Kingdom. It took 20 minutes (including wait time) to get there. When I left it took 1 hour and 5 minutes to get back because I left just after the fireworks show was over.


Like I said, not very reliable.


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