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Traveling to Disney World on Memorial Day?


by Mandy Womble
(Lubbock, Texas, USA)


We have been planning our 3 trip for years for the summer of 2012. We spent our honeymoon there, our 10 year anniversary there and now will be happy to spend our 20th and celebrate our oldest graduation from high school!


We were wondering if you had any expert advice on flying to Disney World on Memorial Day (that Monday) or should we wait until Tuesday? In your experience is it cheaper to fly on the actual holiday or the day after? We would like to get there a little early that week. We are assuming that Gay Days will be around the same time frame and figure the parks will be great Tuesday and Wednesday. Of course we could also wait and stay over a few days after Gay Days, but figure the crowds will get heavier the longer we stay.


What would you do Dad??


And yes, we know not to wear Red. This will be hard as we are avid Red Raider fans and a lot of our clothing is red and black!!! Shopping trip is in order I guess!!!

Traveling to Walt Disney World on a Continental Jet

Traveling to Disney World on Memorial Day Photo by Jeff_B.

Dad’s holidays are meaningless answer



Congratulations and happy anniversary. I think Walt Disney World is the perfect anniversary destination. (We would have to go the same week as you for ours.)


Flying to Disney World on Memorial Day should be no problem. I would make sure and compare prices for Monday and Tuesday, but I think you’ll find, if you book early enough, that the price will be the same either day. I think you’ll find prices might even be higher on Tuesday.


Crowds in late May will be light to moderate, I won’t actually have the 2012 crowd calendars up until later in the year (I like to see what the economy is doing before I jump of ledges) but you can look at this years calendar to get an idea of what things will be like.

Dad’s May Disney World crowds page


Now about Disney World and Gay Days 2012. In 2012 Gay Days at Disney World will be May 29 through June 4 according to their website so if you leave on the holiday or even the day after you’ll miss the festivities.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Most holidays are just another day when it comes to the airlines and prices. We used to find the best deals flying on Christmas Day. Not so sure that works any more. The problem you might face is finding tickets, but if you buy early you’ll be fine. Yes, in today’s inflationary climate, I would buy as soon as possible.


PS. As a big OU fan, I’m familiar with red clothing. I also would have to do some shopping to go that week.


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