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Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom


by Jason Fortner
(Whiteface, TX)


A while back your daughter posted that the Tree of Life was closed because a branch fell off. Would you happen to know when it will be back open? My family is visiting Walt Disney World for the first time in 2 weeks and were looking forward to visiting the tree in addition to It’s a Bug’s Life etc. Thanks for all of your posts and information!



The Tree of Life Photo by Express Monorail




The folks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom have deemed It’s Tough to Be a Bug safe to re-open. There is a safety net installed over the entrance walkway that winds through the root structure of the tree. Those travelling in June or later should be able to experience this family favorite – but Disney reserves the right to close any ride or show at any time, so heed Dad’s advice whenever you face disappointment with a closed attraction, and always remember to see the jungle for the trees!

Dad’s See the Jungle for the Trees Answer




Sometimes things beyond our control happen, even when planning the Perfect vacation. When accidents happen at Walt Disney World, the first priority is making sure that everyone is safe, and unfortunately sometimes that means closing an attraction or two while they make sure everything is a-okay. As a Dad, it makes me feel great to go to Disney and know that my family’s safety is a concern, even when that means the occasional disappointment.


It’s true that recently a branch fell off the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (thankfully, no people or animals were injured), and the folks at Disney have closed off the area while the tree undergoes inspection. This includes The Tree of Life Nature Trails and It’s Tough to Be a Bug. But, we have to see the jungle for the trees, not just one very special tree. While these are great attractions, Animal Kingdom has so much more to offer – you’re still going to have a roaring good time!


With the Tree of Life and surrounding attractions closed, you’ll have a bit more time to explore other areas of the park! So spend some extra time at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, get up close and personal with real live animals in Affection Section, let the kids play a little longer in the Boneyard, and ride the Kilamanjaro Safaris a second time – or a third!


If walking along some nature trails to view animals is of particular interest, you can do better than the Tree of Life (although the hundreds of hard carved animals are incredible, nothing beats the real thing!). Take a long stroll through the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, where you can see hippos, gorillas, and other African animals. Or venture to the
Maharajah Jungle Trek
to encounter tigers and other impressive Asian creatures!


Don’t forget about Animal Kingdom’s amazing shows – Flights of Wonder, Festival of the Lion King, and the amazing Finding Nemo – The Musical are all a great way to spend part of your day.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Jason, it’s possible that Disney’s investigation and repairs will be complete by the time you arrive, but at this point there has been no official update beyond that the Tree of Life will be “closed for the foreseeable future.” Keep your fingers crossed, but just remember that there’s a whole jungle out there to explore, with or without the Tree of Life.


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