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Treehouse Villas Pricing


by Mini


Could you tell me how much it would cost in dollars to stay in the Treehouse Villas (Saratoga Springs Resort) for one week? THX

Dad’s It’ll Cost You Answer




The Treehouse Villas at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa are some of the most unique rooms on Walt Disney World property. You can literally sleep in a treehouse – how cool is that? There are a few catches – they’re far away from everything, they only sleep four (but Disney says 9), and they are very expensive. Let’s take a closer look.


Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa is beautiful – it’s styled after a northern racetrack, and it’s perfectly landscaped like you’d expect a fancy country club to be. The Treehouse Villas were added to the resort in 2009, but the original Treehouses were built in 1975. The octagon shaped villas are 14 feet off the grounds and sleep 4 in beds and 5 on sleeper sofas (but Dad doesn’t do sleeper sofas).


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While Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa, including the Treehouse Villas, is part of the Disney Vacation Club – but you do have a few options to stay there even if you’re not a member of the mouse’s timeshare program.


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You can book a Treehouse Villa directly through Disney. The daily rate for value season weekdays in 2013 is $595, and for peak season weekends it’s $870. Assuming you’re not going during holiday time when rates jump even higher, a week’s stay will cost you $4165-$6090.


You can also consider renting points from a DVC member. Dad did this once when he stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It can save you a bit of money, but it’s certainly nerve racking. If you do go this route, you’ll need to do some serious research. Depending on when you want to stay, you’ll need to rent 281 – 477 points for a week, and at $13 a point your cost will be between $3653 – $6201.


So, you could save up to $512 by renting points instead of booking with Disney, or you might end up paying up to $111 more by renting. It may or may not be worth it to go the rental route given the amount of savings against the overall price.


Dad’s Bottom Line


Mini, staying at the Treehouse Villas will certainly cost you, but if you can afford it it’s certainly a unique experience at Walt Disney World!


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