The Trolley Car Cafe


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Dad doesn’t drink coffee, but my number one assistant Stephanie tells me she can’t make it through a day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios without a few pitstops at this Starbucks in disguise. The Trolley Car Cafe is the place to be for all the coffee lovers, apparently. Dad’ll stick with their cupcakes, thank-you-very-much.



This sign disguises the REAL cafe hidden behind its doors – Starbucks. Photo by Laurie Sapp

Whether or not you’re a Starbucks fan, you’re likely to make a stop here on your trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Why? It’s the first real place to get a bite when you arrive, the last place before you leave, and you pass it anytime you come and go from Sunset Boulevard.

What to Expect

Just like a regular Starbucks, you enter, get in line, maybe pick up a few grab and go items, then place your order for drinks and food. They have a pretty good selection of Starbucks beverages, but not one hundred percent of their lineup. If you want a fancy coffee, get it here. If you want a regular cup ‘o joe, you can find it elsewhere with less line.


There are only a handful of tables on the terrace, so be prepared to get your purchases to go.


If you collect such things, this is the ONLY place to get the Starbucks “You Are Here Collection” items emblazoned with Disney’s Hollywood Studios prints, and you can also find general Disney/Starbucks merchandise here.


At the top right of Hollywood Boulevard, right where it intersects with Sunset Boulevard is where you’ll find The Trolley Car Cafe.

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A lot of what you’ll find here are Starbucks drinks – coffees, espressos, lattes, Frappucinos and the like. But there is a grab and go section with sodas, juice, fruit, etc. and there are plenty of pastries too. You can usually find sandwiches or salads around mealtimes too.

Advanced Dining Reservations

The Trolley Car Cafe is a Quick Service location – no ADRs needed.

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Note: even though this is a Starbucks location you can’t use their mobile order app here. You can collect Stars, but you cannot redeem Star Rewards.


Coffee and cupcakes at The Trolley Car Cafe. Photo by Stephanie Shuster.

The Disney Dining Plan

The Trolley Car Cafe accepts Quick Service credits or Snack credits (for beverages and desserts) on the Disney Dining Plan. Some of those coffees get really pricey, making them a good value for your snack credits.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Need a coffee, or a fast snack? Head to The Trolley Car Cafe.

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