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Two rooms at Polynesian for a family of five


by Matilde


Hi Dad!! Love your page! We booked two garden view rooms at Polynesian Resort, & requested for them to be ” connected” by a door, so my hubby & me would have some privacy. We have three kids (4 turning 5 there, 8 & 10 year olds). My question is Will we get the “connected” rooms? We are staying there from Aug 14th through Aug 22nd. Thanks!


The Polynesian Resort Lobby

The Polynesian Resort Photo by Loren Javier

Dad’s it’s not guaranteed Answer




Boy am I jealous. I need a Polynesian fix.


Disney does not guarantee any room requests, but they try real hard to make them happen especially for families. The connecting rooms is not a big problem because there are a lot of them at the Polynesian.


We like having two rooms, not only for the privacy, but for the 2 bathrooms, the 2 TVs the extra space. Two rooms at the Polynesian would be over 800 square feet. That’s almost too much.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Matilde, you should get a connecting room. I hope you have a great time.


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Comments for

Aug 10, 2011 Don’t worry, be happy!
by: Matilde Thank you again to everyone for their comments. I trust everything will be OK with a little pixie dust! After all, it’s Disney World! Love the page!! Best regards!

Aug 06, 2011 Only one reservation
by: Matilde Thanks a lot to Dad & to Amanda! We have only ONE reservation so I think everything will be all right! I know the Poly is Dad’s favorite. Wish he gets his Poly fix very soon! Hope you don’t mind me asking another Question? We’ve read that there’s Free Wi Fi in some areas of WDW. Is the Poly one of them? What about the parks? Thnx again!

Dad’s Answer

No the Polynesian doesn’t have free wi-fi. It’s $9.95 per day. There is not any wi-fi in the parks. I don’t know of anywhere (and I looked) where you can get free wi-fi at Disney World. Not even the McDonalds has it.

Aug 06, 2011 Reservation didn’t guarantee it 2008
by: Mrs. Mom We had 2 rooms reserved under ONE reservation at the Pop Century in January, 2008 and they were on different halls around the corner from each other. “Technically”, they were in numerical order, but not connecting.

Aug 05, 2011 There is a way to guarantee it!
by: Amanda I wanted to point out that if it’s two rooms under ONE reservation number then they do guarantee connecting rooms. The only way Disney will do this is if it’s TWO adults and multiple children. They do accommodate families in this situation with guaranteed connectors. BUT it is definitely important to mention it when booking and again at check in.

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