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Unique Disney Shopping: Big Top Souvenirs

So, I was debating between a few different topics for today’s Souvenir Saturday. I really wanted to talk about a place that is great for all members of your family, epitomizes Walt Disney World, and has some of the most awesome souvenirs for sale.  Souvenirs, souvenirs… Why not Big Top Souvenirs in the Magic Kingdom?

Photo by Pics from the World of Disney

Photo by Pics from the World of Disney

The first time I walked into this shop, I was completely blown away! I found Storybook Circus itself was highly impressive and Big Top Souvenirs was no disappointment.

Initially, I was so eager to browse through all the different sections of different types of merchandise. With one glimpse at the store, you’ll notice there are tons of children’s toys, apparel, collectibles, accessories, jewelry, Disney pins, Vinylmation, and more – this place has it all!

But, as I started to walk further towards the center of the store, I found the aspect of this shop that really puts it over the top! If you’ve been in Big Top Souvenirs, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The center of the store sells all sorts of delicious sweet treats. Although I’m a type-1 diabetic, I just needed to make a small exception to try some of these eye-popping, tastebud-pleasing delights. I simply couldn’t resist a Mickey Mouse-shaped cake pop and Mickey Mouse-shaped cookie (I only had a bite of each!). There are multiple glass cases here filled with all sorts of cake pops, cookies, candy apples, and other amazing items.  Let’s take a look…

The first item I purchased in Big Top Souvenirs was a Vinylmation Popcorns Series Mickey Mouse (seen below).  After trying those Mickey Mouse snacks, I had to commemorate such a great moment with a Mickey Mouse souvenir.  Because I love collecting all sorts of Disney souvenirs that I can put on my desk or a shelf in my office, this figurine was absolutely perfect.

Copyright: The Walt Disney Company

Copyright: The Walt Disney Company

Whenever I take a look at my Mickey Mouse Vinylmation Popcorns figure, it takes me right back to those delectable sweets, smell of popcorn sold Storybook Circus, and the excitement of seeing a part of WDW for the first time.  If you’re visiting WDW with your family, or a large group, this store is an ideal stop to satisfy everyone in your party.

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