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Upgrade Annual Pass from Package

by Jacee

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“My fiancee is paying for his kids and myself for a June 2018 six-day vacation. What he doesn’t know is that I am planning on treating him in February 2019 to a vacation for his 50th birthday. Will I be able to upgrade the two adult ticket portions of the package to an annual pass at check-in at Disney during the June 2018 stay?

I thought it was saving money, actually, by paying only the upgraded ticket portion for our future vacation. If so, this savings could upgrade to February from a moderate to a deluxe with a minimal extra, and I hope for an annual pass discount in February.” She goes on to talk about savings on food and things like that.”

A giraffe on the Savannah at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

You might upgrade to the Animal Kingdom Lodge – Photo by Brett Svenson

J.C., the quick answer is absolutely you can upgrade your tickets. Even though they’re part of a package, you’ll be able to upgrade those tickets to annual passes. You don’t have to do all the tickets. You can do just the adult tickets. It’s really easy. When you check in … You don’t do it at the check-in desk, but you go over to the concierge desk. Every hotel has a concierge desk. You go over there and tell them you want to upgrade your tickets to annual passes. Boom. They’ll take care of it right there. They’ll figure out which ones. They’ll update them. You’ll be good shape.

You’ll be able to use all those annual pass perks, the cheaper food, I mean the discounts on food which, right now, is 30%. I think that’s just for the summer, but 30% off on a ticket for food, that’s a lot of money. Typically, normally, it’s 20%, but they upped it to 30% for the summer. The annual pass discount is really cool. Yeah. Just go to the concierge when you … You can also do it in any of the ticket booths. Any of the ticket booths can do it for you if you don’t get it done at the hotel. At the hotel at the concierge desk, at a ticket booth, any time you want to upgrade a ticket.

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If you need to add a day during your trip, you just go to a concierge desk, to a ticket booth, and you can add a day right then and there. 15 bucks to add a day once you get past that fourth day. It’s just 15 bucks to add a day to your tickets. Somebody was surprised about that this week. I came across somebody who didn’t know the price to add a day is just 15 bucks. What? Just 15 bucks? Yep.

Dad’s Bottom Line

If you want to upgrade passes, tickets, just go to the concierge desk, just go to one of the ticket booths. Just ask them. They can handle it. That also goes with old tickets. If you’ve got old tickets, concierge desk, ticket booth. Boom. They take care of it.


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Aug 09, 2017 Upgrade
by: Daniel

Hello Dad! Unless it has changed, she will have to go not to the concierge desk of her resort but to guest relations at one of the parks. We done exactly the same thing last February and the concierge told us to go to guest relations because they have access to more info on their computers. Everything went very well.
Thank you for your great work. We really appreciate it!

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