Upgrade because of the Disney World pool?

Upgrade because of the Disney World pool?

by Kathy

Dear Dad,
I cut my teeth on Disneyland in the '60s and Disney World in the 70's/80's. After 22 long years, Yes!!! I've finally convinced DH to agree to a week with DS (12) and DD (10) at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled; however, since our woefully naive children seem to be most concerned about the pool situation, my question is this: Should we upgrade because of the Disney World pool and the sandy setup at Caribbean Beach Resort, or will the Value pools fit the need?

Although I couldn't care less about splashing around with so much else to do, the kids and hubby are swimming fanatics.

Thanks - we're honored to follow the wise counsel of such a seasoned pro.

Dad's seasoned pro Answer

MMmmm? Kathy let me think about that one for just a second. I'm done.

The nightly price for a Value Resort is $82.00 (at low season), the nightly price for the Caribbean Beach Resort is $145.00. That's at least $62.00 per night. For $57.51 (tax included) you can add the Water Park and More option to your ticket. So, if you stay more than 4 nights at the Value Resort everyone can have the water park option and you've saved money. (Trust me, the water parks have better pools than any of the hotels.)

Besides, how big a difference is a pool? Yeah, the pool at the Caribbean Beach is fancier than the Value Resort pools, but the Value Resort pools are pretty neat. If it's so important to have some white sand beaches when they go swimming, tell Dad to pack up the kids and take them to the Polynesian for the afternoon. Now that's a great pool and beach combination. (That way you can sneak over to the Magic Kingdom and ride Buzz Lightyear all by yourself.)

Stormalong Bay

Stormalong Bay - upgrade to this Disney World pool
picture by expressmonorail

Yes, I'm not a pool snob. If the pool is so important that the family wants to upgrade because of the Disney World pool, why not go all the way and stay in the Beach or Yacht Club? (If you do, don't forget to let Dad help you with your reservations.) Stormalong Bay is a really, really great pool.

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