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Upgrading a Theme Park Ticket to an Annual Pass

by Amy

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“Hi Dad! I am going to WDW Dec 15-20 on a bounce back offer. Star Wars Land AND free dining? Yes please! LOL Anyway, I was wondering if you could explain to me how you upgrade your tickets to an annual pass. Also, when does that annual pass technically start and expire then? And lastly, how do I calculate the cost to upgrade? I have 5 day park hopper tickets booked with my package for December now. Thanks for any help!:

How to Upgrade to an Annual Pass

Hi Amy. Congratulations.


And you got a great deal. Free Dining and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Wow. Not many people are going to get that.

Upgrading from regular park tickets to an Annual Pass is pretty easy. You just go to a ticket window at one of the parks, or to the concierge desk at a Disney hotel and you’ll be able to upgrade.

I would do that at the hotel as soon as I arrive because you’ll be eligible for Annual Pass discounts as soon as you’ve upgraded.

Activating an Annual Pass

Your Annual Pass will be activated the first time it is used to get into a park. One year from the activation date will be the date for renewal.

Calculating the Cost

Here’s where things get a little tricky (but better than it used to be).

You can go to Disney’s Website to the ticket purchase page and add up the day by day price for tickets during your stay. Subtract that from the price of an Annual Pass and it will give you an idea of the cost to upgrade. It might not be exact, but it should be in the ballpark, depending…

I will say it depends on when you actually booked that Bounceback offer. If it was before Disney announced the new ticket price structure the difference between what you paid and an Annual Pass will be different. Ticket prices went up when Disney introduced the new ticket price structure.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Upgrading to an Annual Pass is a lot of fun. I did it a couple of years ago for the first time. It does make it a lot easier to plan multiple trips to Disney World.

I hope all that helps.


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