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Upgrading our Disney Dining Plan when we arrive

by Tina

Like everyone these days we are trying to go as inexpensively as possible. With this in mind we booked a 7-night 8-day vac for 12-11th thru 12-18th 2010. With the free-dining plan package at the All Stars. We must pay the final payment by 10-27th. We will have a chance to save more money for our trip after the 27th.

Finally, my question is….Once we arrive on the 11th and have “extra” money would we be able to upgrade to the Table service dining plan for the extra $280 or will it be more once we get there and how hard would it be to get reservations to those restaurants?

Also, we wanted to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in the Magic Kingdom but again won’t know if we will have the money until the 11th arrives. Will we be able to get tickets to that as well?

Dad’s let’s get it started Answer


Wow, quite a challenge you’ve thrown out, but I bet Dad’s up to it.

First, you will not be able to upgrade your Disney Dining Plan when you arrive. You will need to upgrade at least 1 week before arrival.

With that in mind, your question about getting reservations whenever you arrive. Yes, it could be almost impossible to get table service reservations after you arrive. But Dad, being ever helpful, has a solution to that. Go ahead and make your reservations now for the restaurants you want to dine in. Then if you decide not to upgrade to the Disney Dining Plan, cancel those reservations (and please, do cancel them). Problem solved. Isn’t Dad great? (Don’t answer that.)

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page

Question #2 – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – Will you be able to get tickets? (Think Alex Trebek when you hear this …) OK, Tina, the answer is … maybe, or maybe not. Disney gives a discount to guests who buy their tickets in advance. But those discounts are not available for the Friday night Party. If you want to go on a Friday, get your tickets early. They tend to sell out. Other nights you might be able to get in without a pre-purchased ticket. You will save $6.00 per person by pre-purchasing.

Dad’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party page

Dad’s Bottom Line

If it were me … being an obsessive personality, I like to have a plan before I go. I’m not sure I could go and not know for sure I had tickets or reservations.

Nailed it, didn’t I?

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