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Upgrading Standard to Family Suite at All Star Music

by mick
(stoke on trent ,england)

Hi Dad, we booked standard room at All Star Music Resort wondered if you can upgrade to Family Suite when arrive and how much it would cost?

Thanks for your help.

Dad’s don’t bet on it Answer


It’s good to hear from someone from a town named after dear ole Dad. (Dad’s last name is Trent and surely they named the town after lil ole me.)

Back to your question. I wouldn’t count on being able to upgrade from a standard room to a Family Suite when you arrive.

A couple of things that will effect your chances of upgrading at the All Star Music Resort –

  • When are you going? If you are going during a busy time there is no chance of an upgrade. Disney sells out almost all of the rooms at the Value Resorts during busy periods.
  • Have you checked to see if any are available for when you are going to be there? If there aren’t any Family Suites available now, there won’t be any then.

Disney World hotels aren’t like other hotels. There aren’t any frequent visitor perks like you normally see. In some of the hotels the upgraded rooms sell out first.

As for price, you would have to pay the difference in the price from the standard room to the Family Suite. (I can’t tell you how much that is without knowing when you are going.)

Dad’s Disney All Star Music page

Dad’s Bottom Line

If you need a Family Suite, book it now.

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