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Using unactivated tickets at Disney World

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“Hi Dad. I just read your response regarding unused tickets. A woman who’s flight was canceled in October of 2015 should be able to use her old ticket for her trip in August of 2017. I have a similar situation.

We were at Walt Disney World December of 2015 and had a six day ticket linked with our vacation package. We to leave on the sixth day due to a death in the family, leaving the seventh day unused. We were on electronic, these were electronic tickets on our Magic bands. How would I be able to use those unused tickets for our vacation at the end of this month? Do we bring the old Magic bands, please and thank you.”

Magic Bands on a Steering Wheel

Now that’s a good use for MagicBands – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Sorry, but unfortunately, you’re not in quite the same situation. The first lady’s situation was she had never activated her tickets. She didn’t get to Walt Disney World. Those tickets are still good because they were never activated.

Your tickets, because they were activated, they expire 14 days after arrival. That’s the standard for Disney tickets. They expire 14 days after arrival. So, your tickets, because you didn’t use that sixth day, that day has expired. It’s just gone. That’s just the way it is.

You might have been able to go to Guest Services back when it happened and asked them and they might have given you a one day ticket to use later. But at this point, I doubt Disney will do anything.

Fourteen days from the time the tickets are activated, they expire, even if they’ve got days left on them. They just expire. That’s just the way it is.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Sorry, but you’re tickets aren’t any good.


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