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One of the best ways to save money on a Disney vacation is to look at vacation homes near Disney World. You might save THOUSANDS of dollars. I want to introduce you to our new partner Top Villas. They are the premier vacation home rental company in the Orlando area. Take a look!

Vacation Homes Near Disney World

Yes, I’m a big fan of the Disney Hotels. But I’m starting to warm up to the idea of staying offsite. Disney is beginning to price itself out of my price range and I’m starting to look at other options. One of the options I’m starting to really like is the idea of renting a vacation home.

Top Villas

I’ve been watching homes around WDW for a few years. I’ve met with a few different brokers, but have never quite found the right fit for a company I can recommend. That all changed this month.


The Top Villas Logo

In April 2018, I started talking to the folks at Top Villas. The more we talked, the more I liked what they were offering and so I went down to Orlando to meet them face to face.

I was very impressed. They took me on a tour of several of the vacation homes in the Disney area that they are associated with. I was blown away. They showed me some amazing homes that weren’t expensive at all. I was attracted by the quality and value of the houses I saw. It was impressive.

The Value

A Value vacation home. The first house I saw had 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and could sleep 20. It rented for less that $300 per night including taxes and fees. That’s incredible.

On our last trip to WDW with the kids we spent over $150 per night per room. Those 3 rooms could sleep 12, but it cost us $450 per night PLUS tax and that was at the Pop Century. There’s nothing wrong with the Pop Century, but it’s not anywhere as nice as this house I saw.

The house was big. Lots of space. Big, comfortable rooms. A private pool. A fully stocked kitchen and a big seating area. A game room with all kinds of games, and a pool table. A nice theater room with recliners and a huge screen. A living room with couches and a big screen TV. It was really nice.


Oh, and did I mention only $300 per night? Top Villas has over 90 houses that can sleep up to 8 with prices under $100 per night. That’s a great value.

The Luxury

Stay in the lap or luxury, or find a great value, both are available. If it’s luxury you are looking for, a vacation home near Disney World might be just the thing. Top Villas not only has great value homes, they also have a good catalog of luxury homes.

One of the homes we drove by (but didn’t go in) was a mansion. There’s no better way to put it. This house had 14 SUITES. Not 14 rooms, but 14 full suites. It had 4 professional kitchens. It had a bowling alley. Yes, a bowling alley right inside the house. Oh, and there was a lazy river attached to the pool in the back yard.

It is listed for less than $3,500 per night – only $250 per suite. To put it in perspective, that’s less than you’d pay for a room at a Moderate Resort! It’s the perfect place for a company outing or for a big group – like a family reunion!.

Only a Few Minutes Away

I toured houses in 2 additions where Top Villas has numerous houses. All of the homes I saw were less than 10 minutes from WDW. They actually have homes in an addition that borders the Disney World property. It’s like 5 minutes from Animal Kingdom if the traffic is bad.


Top Villas offers lots of services to those who book with them. When you book your home, you’ll be assigned a personal concierge who can have your fridge stocked and ready when you arrive, set you up with tickets, and more. Check out the concierge services;

  • Park tickets
  • Rental cars
  • Strollers, high chairs, babysitting
  • Housekeeping, grocery shopping
  • Private chefs, butlers, massage therapists, chauffeurs
  • And lots more

Pretty much if you need a service in your vacation home, your Top Villa concierge can get it for you.

Book Now

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to start looking at vacation homes near Disney World. If you’re interested all you have to do is fill out the form below and a representative from Top Villas will contact you shortly to get you started on the perfect vacation home near Disney World.


Dad’s Bottom Line

I love Disney and the Disney Hotels, but vacation homes near Disney World is looking better and better. I was blown away by the value in the houses I saw. If you have a large family, if you’re traveling with a group, or if you just want to save some money check out my friends at Top Villas!

*Photos on this page courtesy of Top Villas.