Via Napoli at EPCOT

Finally, you can get some really good pizza in EPCOT at Via Napoli. EPCOT now has authentic Italian pizza. You can even watch your food being prepared in the huge wood-fired ovens. Oh, yeah. There’s a lot more than pizza available.

A lot of the ingredients used in the pizza come from the Naples area. They bring it in specially so the pizza is as authentic as possible.

About Via Napoli

Step into Via Napoli and you could be stepping one of a whole bunch of similar restaurants in Southern Italy. This restaurant is operated by the Patina Group. The same group that also operates Tutto Italia and Naples Ristorante and Pizzeria at Disneyland.

Inside there are 3 special wood-fired ovens. These ovens are so special they have names. They are named Stromboli, Vesuvius and Etna (the three active volcanoes in Italy). The ovens have faces made of stone that seem to be smiling at you. (A very warm smile.)

via napoli
Photo by Cliff Wang

The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere. There is even a table that stretches all across the whole width of the dining room. Family style the Italian way. There are 250 seats inside and 50 seats outside.

Via Napoli Menu

The pizzas here are made just like the do back in Italy. In fact the chef that oversees the restaurant (Nick Valenti) spent time in Naples learning the art of working the dough, making the sauce even to the temperatures the ovens need to be kept at.


Pizza is the star. It’s made with flour imported from Naples, San Marzano tomatoes, handmade mozzarella, water (yes water) brought over from wells in Naples. There are 3 sizes. An individual, a large that serves 2-3 and a “Mezzo Metro” which is half a meter (or about 18 inches) and serves 3-5. The pies are traditional thin crust and are specially baked to have a crispy and chewy crust. (The Mickey pizza was specially made for the opening and is not on the regular menu.)

You can build your own or pick a favorite like

  • Margherita – tomato, basil, mozzarella (additional toppings available)
  • Quattro Stagioni – eggplant, artichokes, prosciutto, mushrooms
  • Funghi – Portobello and crimini mushrooms
  • Pepperoni – pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato
  • Ortolano – tomato, mozzarella, vegetables
  • Quattro Formaggi – mozzarella, fontina, parmesan, provolone
  • Prosciutto

Along with your pizza, you can get a “Family Style” House Salad. The salad includes leaf lettuce, roasted red peppers, marinated mushrooms, olives, pepperonicini, rice wine vinaigrette. The cost is $5.00 per person with a minimum of 2 people.


Pasta is baked in the wood-fired ovens.

  • Al Forne
    • Lasagna Verde – spinach, parmesan, besciamella
    • Candele – candle stick pasta, sausage ragu, polpettine, mozzarella, ricotta
  • Speciale
    • Spaghetti e Polpettine – hand-crafted veal meatballs & tomato sauce
    • Mezze Rigatoni alla Creme con Pollo – creamy chicken and peas
  • Piatti alla Parmigiana – traditional preparation with tomato sauce, parmesan and mozzarella, served with spaghetti torta
    • Pollo – chicken breast
    • Tortino di Melanzane – eggplant
    • Vitello – veal

Other Menu Items

Along with pizza and pasta, there are a lot of the standard items you would find at most Italian food restaurants. (The list below has some of the highlights.)

  • Antipasti
    • Minestrone – vegetable and cannellini bean soup
    • Calamari Fritti – corn-crusted rings served with tomato sauce
    • Tortellini in Brodo – beef tortellini in broth
  • Picolli Piati
    • Prosciutto e Melone – parma ham, cantelope
    • Salami e Provolone – dry cured sausage, imported provolone cheese
    • Mozzarella Caprese – vine-ripened tomato, fresh milk mozzarella
  • Insalates
    • Pollo – chopped romaine, chicken, cucumber, peppers, toasted almonds, canteloupe, honey-citrus vinaigrette
    • Insalate de Cesare – the classic Caesar salad with chicken, with shrimp


  • Tiramisu – Mascarpone cream, espresso coffee, lady fingers, and chocolate
  • Zeppole di Ricotta – Ricotta cheese fritters, served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
  • Torta di “Mamma Rosario” – apple cake with almond sorbetto
  • Gelato e Sorbetto – vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, lemon sorbet


In addition to the standard Disney World drink offerings, Italian beer, wine and sparkling waters are available. Also fresh seasonal fruit coolers can be ordered.