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Villas at Saratoga Springs


by Gonzalo
(Santiago, Chile)

Hi, thank you very much for your page, is great and it has helped me a lot. I have a question, please let me know how big are the one bedroom villas at Saratoga Springs? For example I enjoy using the hot tub but the one in the room looks rather small, and how large is the resort (and if is suitable for children). I had a great offer by phone, but I’m not sure to take it.

Best regards



Dad’s really big compared to Answer


The Disney Vacation Club Resorts like the Saratoga Springs have very nice sized one bedroom villas. The largest standard hotel room at Disney World is at the Polynesian Resort and has 476 square feet. The one bedroom villa at the Saratoga Springs has 714 square feet.

There is just one problem I see with the Villas at Saratoga Springs. That’s they only have one real bed. It’s the king sized bed in the “master” bedroom. The living room has a queen sized sofa. Disney claims the one-bedroom villa sleeps 4. Me, I say it sleeps 2 in real nice comfort.


See the layout at Dad’s Saratoga Springs page

If you have a choice, I’d recommend changing over to the Old Key West. The rooms are usually the same price and the one bedroom villa has 942 square feet. It also only sleeps 2/4 but it’s a lot larger.


See the layout at Dad’s Disney Old Key West page

Are the resorts and rooms suitable for children? For young children that love to sleep on couches, yes. For teenage children, probably not. For a 6 foot plus Man-Child, not at all.


Dad’s Bottom Line

Gonzalo, really good deals at Walt Disney World are hard to pass up. If you have 2 or less young children, I’d say go for it. If you have teenagers, I’d see if you could work something else out.

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