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Disney Vinylmation

Vinylmation is a uniquely Disney creation. Create a toy out of nothing and turn it in to a multi-million dollar industry. Only Disney has that kind of imagination. Check out these little guys. They're so cute.

Robots are back?

Parks, Holidays, Movies

These cute little shapes come in all shapes and decorations. There are dolls based on the parks, on rides, on movies, on holidays. There is one for just about anything you can make a doll for.

Dolls and Pins

The characters come all shapes and sizes. There are pins, dolls that are 2", 3", and 9". There are even watches. There are big sets, little sets. There are dolls from yesterday and dolls from today. Start collecting them now.

Inside the shop

Here are some of the offerings. Take a look.

Tron Legacy Vinylmation

Tron Legacy 3" Vinylmation

Colonel from The Adventurer's Club pin

Colonel from the Adventurer's Club Pin

Test Track Vinylmation pin

Test Track Pin

Classic Mr. Potato Head from Playskool

Urban Series 3" Figure and Watch set

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Vinylmation Pin Set

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas 7 pin set

Muppets 24 piece Vinylmation set

Muppets 24 piece

Disney Blank Vinylmation

Plain old blank

Vinylmation Toy Story Sheriff Woody

Toy Story Sheriff Woody

It's a Small World Vinylmation

It's a Small World

Shop at the Disney Store

Vinylmation has an exploding line of offerings. They were created specifically for sale in the parks, but you can find them at the Disney Store online.

Free Shipping when you spend $75 or more at Disney Store with Promo Code: SHIPTODAY. Shop Now!

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Dad's Bottom Line

Toy Story is slowly taking over Disney World. That's not a bad thing. It's a great set of movies with some fabulous characters.

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