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Visiting during Star Wars Weekend

by Alexandra
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Dad,

We’re going for our first ever visit to WDW May 15-22 and I see Star Wars weekends start when we are there. My son (11) is possibly the biggest star wars fan ever! So, any tips on how to get the most out of our visit to Hollywood Studios? I was thinking of going on Friday May 17th, good idea, bad idea?? Help!

Janga Fett signing autographs at Star Wars Weekend

You can get all kinds of autographs – Photo by Scottwdw

Dad’s Good, Better, Best Answer

Alexandra, Star Wars weekends are a great time of year to visit Walt Disney World. This concept is a great idea all around – great to get families to the parks at a slower time of year, a wonderful added value for Star Wars fans like Dad and your son, and of course an opportunity for Disney to sell even more merchandise. But you have a choice of dates to attend over your trip – so which days are good, better, best?

Dad’s Star Wars Weekends Page

In May, crowds at Walt Disney World are pretty manageable. The biggest draw during the month are the few days of Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios. Your trip falls over the opening weekend, which is exciting but it also means the crowds will be particularly wild. Let’s take a quick look at the pro and cons of each day:

Dad’s May Crowd Calendar

Saturday May 18 is a good day to attend Star Wars Weekends. It won’t be quite as crowded at Friday, but it will still be super busy since Saturday is the favorite day for local fans to come out and enjoy the festivities.

Friday May 17 is a better day to attend Star Wars Weekends. It’s definitely the busiest day of the three, but it is the opening day so there may be some extra hoopla happening around the park.

Sunday May 18 is the best day to attend Star Wars Weekends, in Dad’s humble opinion. It will be the least crowded of the three days which means that your family will have the best chance to enjoy the festivities!

So how do you make the best PLAN or Star Wars Weekends? As with every day, go EARLY! Get to the park BEFORE opening to experience the lowest crowd levels. If your son is interested in the Jedi Training Academy, going early will be essential to your chances of getting him a spot in the day’s lineup. When you arrive, make note of the Star Wars specific happenings so you can make sure to see them.

For the ultimate Star Wars Weekend PLAN, Dad would actually recommend visiting Disney Hollywood Studios on another day during your trip, then going to check out the Star Wars Weekends action for just a few hours before park hopping to EPCOT – that way you can avoid the crowds as much as possible, see all the special celebrations, and take in the rest of the park on a less busy day.

Star Wars Weekends have everything from celebrity meet and greets (you’ll need a FASTPASS available at the front gate – another reason to go early!), Disney characters in special Star Wars costumes, themed snack and souvenirs, special shows, dance parties, and motorcades may all be part of the experience.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Alexandra, this is the first year of Star Wars Weekends since Disney bought Lucasfilm, and you can bet the fans will be eager to see what special surprises Disney may have in store! Stop by Dad’s site after your trip and let me know about how your Star Wars Weekends experience was!

Comments for

Jul 18, 2013 Great time
by: Alexandra

I have to say we had an amazing time! We got to the park right at opening and got in line right away for Jedi training (most valuable advice EVER) after 2 hours in line my son got his print out ticket for 4pm. I would say our first trip to WDW was overwhelming, magical and exhausting, but when he put on his Jedi robe and started the walk towards the stage I knew this was going to be the best moment of his life, and it was!

Of course this all has created a problem because I am now obsessed and have a trip for May 2014 already planned! Lol

May 07, 2013 Star Wars weekends
by: Jason

We went last year during SW weekends and it was awesome! My sons, 11 and 7, both did Jedi Academy (sign up early! As soon as you get there sign up! It fills up fast!) Also, be sure to watch Hyper-Space Hoopla! SW characters put on a dance show! Very popular!

Make sure you go by Darth’s Mall, it has tons of SW gear and memorabilia! If you or your kids are SW fans then you’ll live it! I had my pic taken with Darth Vader and some Stormtroopers. We saw Boba Fett and Chewie too!

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