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Visiting Walt Disney World over the Fourth of July

by george henderson
(lubbock, texas, USA)

We will be visiting Walt Disney World over the Fourth of July (huge crowds) and staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We will need dinner reservations for 6 nights, and my question is how to plan these.

Are there any restaurants in the theme parks? Will we have to fight the PM crowds and possibly need to spend an entire day in which ever park we are to have dinner (bad thought)?

Possibly, we should do dinners in resort restaurants instead- do the parks in the AM to lunch- then bail out? We have a 7 year old on board.

Connected to this, where would be the best place, post dinner, to see 4th of July fireworks?

Dad’s boom goes the dynamite Answer

Hi George,

To book restaurants at Disney World for your visit to Walt Disney World over the Fourth of July, you need to go to Disney’s Website and make dining reservations. It’s easy.

Dad’s how to use Disney page

Disney restaurant reservations my be a bit of a problem. The booking window opened a couple of months ago and the best restaurants will all be booked up for the time you will be there.

Dad’s Disney World Restaurants page

You might find a couple of restaurants available in the theme parks. Even some of the hotel restaurants will be booked by now. You may have to settle for some of the quick service restaurants.

Yes, there are restaurants in all the theme parks. Some of the best restaurants at Disney World are in the theme parks. It would be a shame to miss all of them. I wouldn’t worry about getting a reservation for every meal, but you should try to find as many as possible.

Disney World Fireworks

Watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July will be great but crowded. A couple of locations I’d try would be the beach at the Polynesian down around the volleyball net or at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Dad’s Bottom Line

You need to get crackin’ on those Disney World Restaurant reservations tonight.

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