Walk to the Magic Kingdom

Walk to the Magic Kingdom

by sonia
(queensland, australia)

Hi Dad, We are coming from Australia on our first visit to Walt Disney World in August (yes, I know it will be hot!). Looking at staying at the Polynesian and wondering how long it would take to walk to Magic Kingdom from the hotel. Thanks, Sonia.

Some Transportation Options

A sign at the Polynesian Resort about transportation

Photo by Jeff_B.

Dad's you can't get there from here Answer


The Polynesian, I'm jealous. I love the Polynesian Resort. It's my favorite hotel in the whole wide world.

About walking to the Magic Kingdom from the hotel ... I'm sorry to say, you can't do it. (You could but it would be about a 4 mile walk on dangerously busy streets.)

The Contemporary Resort is the only resort where you can actually walk to the Magic Kingdom. Even the Grand Floridian Resort (which is really close) doesn't have a walking path.

Now if you could walk on water ...

There are several ways to get to the Magic Kingdom from the Polynesian Resort. My favorite is to ride the monorail. You can get on the monorail from the station on the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House (the big, main, building). It's the second stop.

You can also get there on one of the boats. From the dock at the hotel you can catch a launch that speeds across Seven Seas Lagoon. This is a really neat way to get across the lagoon. The launch runs about every 30 minutes.

The other boat is the big ferry that goes from the Transportation and Ticket Center (which is a short walk from the hotel) to the Magic Kingdom. Sometimes this is even quicker than the monorail.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Sonia, there is a lot of walking at Walt Disney World. The average visitor walks over 5 miles per day in the parks. While walking to the Magic Kingdom sounds like fun, I think you'll find that the monorail and the boats work just fine.

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