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Walking Program for WDW Vacation

by Al

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“Hi, Dad. I had done a 60 day mark today. Do you know of any subscribers that have a good walking program to build up stamina for the trip? It can’t involve running due to surgery on my knee.”

A bunch of people walking toward Tomorrowland

There’s lots of walking at Walt Disney World – Photo by Cliff Wang

Well, Al, let’s just do something here. Take it away, Olivia.

“Let’s get physical, physical. I want to get physical. Lets get into physical.”

Olivia’s got it right. It’s time to get physical.

Here we go. Who has a plan for getting your body ready for a Disney World vacation? Who has a plan like that? Just so happens that I do. Me, exercise guru, again, the plan is right here in the book, but me an exercise guru? Let’s just see what I say about Dad, the exercise guru.

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“Dad the exercise guru. Yes, I’m just about the last guy in the whole world to give exercise advice. When it comes to exercise, you’d think that I was allergic to it.

I’m one of those guys whose bodies went from being jock-like to pooh-like after high school. Yes, I meant to say Pooh-like. I went from looking like Michael Phelps in my dreams to looking like Winnie the Pooh.

Dad is about as much of an exercise guru as Winnie the Pooh”, and we’ve got a link in the book, too, a video of Winnie the Pooh doing exercises. It’s so cute.

“But there is one thing I do know when it comes to Disney World vacations. It’s very important to get your body prepared for the pounding it’s going to take.”

And then I go on and I talk about the exercise plan. I’ve even got it here. Dad’s radical new exercise plan for … Get your body ready plan for Walt Disney World. And basically, the plan boils down to walk, stand, exercise, and eat less. It’s pretty simple.

You do those things to get your body ready. What I would tell you is you don’t need some radical day one, day two, day three, day four. This is not like getting ready for a marathon where it’s important to have kind of a plan where you train hard, then you come down.

You don’t have that up and down that you have to have with the marathon training. For getting ready for Disney World, for getting your body ready, walking, you just got to do it. Get started. Start today. 60 days. You got 60 days. This came in today, by the way, so I know it’s 60 days.

You got 60 days until you’re going to Disney World, so start today. Go out today. Walk 10, 15 minutes. Just pick a time. Just walk 10 or 15 minutes. If it’s cold, you’re in Pennsylvania, if it’s cold, go to the mall. Put on … Take your little watch, put a timer on your watch, take a timer or set a timer on your phone. Walk for 15 minutes.

Next week, walk for 16 minutes. Next week, walk for 17, and in nine weeks, around nine weeks until you go to Disney World, you’ll be up to almost 30 minutes a day of walking. Don’t wait. Don’t keep looking for some special plan. Do it. Just get started. Get out and do it.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

It’s just a matter of getting out and do it. Go get started today. If you don’t start today, and you don’t start tomorrow, and you don’t start. Just go get started. Just walk. Walk 10, 15 minutes, turn around, come back. That’s all you got to do.


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Nov 26, 2017 Ugh, me too.
by: Jessica

I’m with you!
And I have 300+ days to get ready. But I am so with you.

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