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25 Reasons to Stay in Walt Disney Hotels

Why should you stay in one of the Walt Disney Hotels? That's a good question. As the line in the play Dad did in high school goes ...

"Let me count the ways ..."

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Reasons to stay at a Disney World Resort –

Here are Dad's top 25ish reasons to spend your hard earned dollars at one of Uncle Walt's beautiful hotels. Hey, if you disagree or have another reason, type it in below.

    1. Location - The Walt Disney hotels have a decided advantage when it comes to location.
    2. Aesthetically pleasing - which is a fancy way of saying they look good, or that they are beautiful.
    3. No commute - sometimes the commute into Disney World can be long and slow.
    4. The Polynesian Resort - the most laid back, restful hotel in Orlando.

    5. Disney's Polynesian Resort

      Walt Disney Hotels - The Polynesian Resort is Dad's Favorite
      Photo by Jeff B.

    6. Extra Magic Hours – Disney allows resort guests into selected parks one hour before or up to 3 hours after the park opens.
    7. Character wake-up calls – How cool is it to get a wake-up call from Donald Duck?
    8. The Magic never ends – When you stay in one of the Walt Disney Hotels the Magic of Disney is with you 24 hours a day.
    9. Wallpaper - every resort has unique wallpaper that matches the theme of the resort and it usually has Mickey hidden in it somewhere.
    10. Bedspreads – more of the over-the-top Disney stuff.
    11. Cleanliness – Disney hotels routinely rank high for guest satisfaction. Cleanliness is a prime reason.
    12. The Cast Members – most of the employees of these resorts go out of their way to get you what you need to have a perfect vacation.
    13. The beds – Disney hotels have great beds. You don’t hear a lot of complaints about the quality of the mattresses.
    14. The Pop Century – affordable, clean, and fun. What else do you want?

    15. Walt Disney Hotels - The Pop Century

      The Pop Century - one of Dad's reasons to stay at Walt Disney Hotels
      Photo by Darren Wittko

    16. Little extras in the bathroom - every hotel gives away soap and shampoo and stuff, but only Disney hotels give them away in cute Mickey packaging.
    17. Disney Transportation – Monorail, Launches, Luxury Motor Coaches, Golf Carts, and even walking trails are all part of the myriad of Disney Hotel transportation options.
    18. The Disney Navy – all of the Deluxe and Moderate resorts have marinas where you can rent water craft. A lot of the resorts have some form of water transportation to one or more of the parks.
    19. Restaurants - Disney World Hotels have some of the best restaurants on the property. From Everything Pop to 'Ohana to Chef Mickey's, there's something for everyone.
    20. Food Courts - all of the hotels have a food court area where you can pick up snacks, drinks or a whole meal to take back to your room.
    21. Free Parking - Disney Resort guests get free parking at all of the Disney Parks, and at the hotel (unless you choose valet parking).

    22. The Disney World Navy

      The Admiral Joe Fowler is part of the Disney World navy that transports guests to the Walt Disney hotels
      Picture by Jeff B.

    23. Shopping - Walt Disney Hotels each have at least one place to shop. Most have several. You can score some really nice Disney merchandise at these stores and much more.
    24. Disney Luxury Motor Coaches - the bus system, or Luxury Motor Coach system as Disney calls them, will transport you all around the complex.
    25. Rain - if it rains it's convenient to go back to the hotel. (Yes, it rains in southern Florida, unlike southern California.)
    26. Naps - kids of all ages sometimes need to go back to the room and catch some ZZZ's (take a nap).
    27. Bunny Rabbits - there are all kinds of animals and plants to catch your attention as you walk around the resort (like The Man-Child did).
    28. Topiary - you never know when you'll run into a plant that's been shaped into Dumbo, or Mickey, or some other character. Even in the hotels.
    29. Free transportation to Disney Golf Courses - Dad loves this one. The Disney Golf courses will send a cab to pick you up at your hotel and bring you to the course. Disney will pick up the tab for this.

This is Dad's list of reasons to stay in one of the Walt Disney Hotels. There are also some reasons why you shouldn't.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Dad love Disney hotels, and probably will continue staying in them for the foreseeable future.

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