Walt Disney World and a Disney Cruise

Walt Disney World and a Disney Cruise

by Todd Clift
(Brownsburg, Indiana)

Hey Carl –

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We just returned from our 2nd (now annual) trip to the greatest place on earth - WDW. As we did last year, we had an amazing time. First year was 4 days this year was 7 days and we still wanted to stay longer.

On to the question – as expected we started planning next year’s trip on the plane ride home. We talked with a few families on the bus ride to the resort and they were doing 4 days at WDW and then on to a 3 day Disney cruise. As you can imagine – it got the wheels spinning about our 2010 trip.

Do you have any experience with a combination vacation with part of the trip at Walt Disney World then a Disney Cruise for the rest? Any pros and cons you can throw our way? It sounds like a decent idea but maybe it’s just too much for one trip – cost and logistics???

Dad's Very Jealous Answer


Dad's only experience with a Walt Disney World/Disney Cruise trip is only in his dreams. We are still planning our Disney Cruise. (We've been planning ever since Uncle Walt's boys put the boats in the water. We just never seem to get around to it.)

What I do know, as a Disney Travel Agent, is that Disney has one of the top cruises available. That is not just a top cruise for children, it's for parents (and grandparents) too. They do it right.

As you do your research you will find that a Disney Cruise is a little more expensive than some of those other cruise lines. Is it worth it? Most people think so. Disney is consistently in the top of the cruise line customer satisfaction rankings.

Here are a couple of money saving tips for the Walt Disney World/Disney Cruise vacation.

- Don't buy Disney's combined package unless you find a great deal. You can buy the separate parts cheaper.

- Try to travel in the "off" season. You'll save a bundle.

Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning


Again Todd, thanks for the question and have fun planning your trip.

Dad's Bottom Line

If you need some more help, Contact Dad. He works cheap.

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Oct 11, 2009
I'm jealous, too!!!!!
by: Mrs. Mom

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