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Walt Disney World and Hurricanes


by doyinsola


i have made reservations for my kids and i for the trip to Disney World but with hurricane Isaac ,is it still possible? Also I do not know how to get tickets to the parks.



Rain at the Port Orleans wets the streets

Disney World gets some rain Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s very wet Answer




I just saw your question and had to jump on it. Yes, go ahead. Your trip to Walt Disney World should be fine. There might be some rain, but rain happens all the time in Orlando. Most of the rides are inside and most lines are covered. Most not all.


It looks like Issac missed Disney World. No damage has been reported. I do think they got a bunch of rain, but rain is pretty normal around there.


Only 2 hurricanes have caused any problems for Walt Disney World. In fact for the first 25 years or so, the park had never closed until 1999 (the park opened in 1971) when hurricane Floyd hit. The other one that really caused problems was hurricane Charley which actually marooned several thousand guests for a couple of days (what a terrible fate). Guests were well taken care of.


Enough of that.


As to tickets. If you are already on your way, you can always pick up tickets at the parks. All the parks have ticket counters at the gates. You can also get tickets at the hotels. In every Disney Hotel there is a desk where tickets are sold.


But, if you’d like to save a couple of bucks, you can buy tickets from a Disney Ticket Broker. (Make sure they are authorized by Disney.) Dad recommends The Official Ticket Center. They have been around forever and are one of the largest Disney Ticket brokers around.


It’s probably too late now, if you are worried about Issac, but I hope in the future, you might think about doing bit of planning (Dad will help). Free Dining started last Saturday and you might have been eligible.


Again, I have a great partner that can help with Destinations to Travel. They can help with all kinds of planning needs.


Dads’s Destinations to Travel page


Finally, let me give you a quick tip on how to avoid crowds during your trip. Even though it’s a slower time of year, some rides get long lines (I was checking Lines from yesterday and Soarin’ was over an hour at noon.) Check out my top 10 tips page for the best way to avoid the crowds.


Dads’s 10 tips to avoid crowds page


Dad’s Bottom Line


Doyinsola, I hope this gets to you before you leave. Have a great trip and let us know how it turns out.


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