2024 Walt Disney World Crowd Calendars

Are you going to Walt Disney World? Ready to start planning when you’ll visit next? You’ll want to check out our Walt Disney World Crowd Calendars! There, you’ll find out what the daily crowd levels will be like, type of weather you can expect, and seasonal experiences for you to enjoy.

2024 WDW Crowd Calendars

Dad’s Guide to WDW Crowd Calendar Disclaimer

This calendar is based on historical facts as we know them today, and personal experiences. Walt Disney World is an ever-changing destination and you might find the crowds, weather, or seasonal experiences to be different from what we’ve predicted.

If you’d like to jump ahead to a particular month below, just click on any months in the following list.


Walt Disney World Crowd Patterns


Walt Disney World crowd patterns have undergone a pretty substantial shift over the last few years.  The introduction of tiered ticket pricing (back in 2016) had a major impact on crowd patterns that still lingers to today.

Some of the traditionally slow times have become busy and historically busy times have slowed down quite a bit. Much of the summer has gone from extremely busy to moderately busy (even the 4th of July isn’t as busy as it used to be) and certain times in September have become much more crowded.

With the long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—stemming from WDW’s temporary closure in 2020 and countless guests canceling their trips due to travel restrictions and safety concerns—only time will tell how this unique (to say the least!) situation will impact WDW crowds going forward.

Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

January Disney World crowds start off with a bang—New Year’s Eve is quite possibly the busiest single day of the year at WDW! After the new year celebrations fade, the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts (my personal favorite annual EPCOT festival!) begins.

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Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

February is one of the best months of the year to visit WDW. The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts continues, and the crowds are pretty low all month long… Aside from the week of Presidents Day, which always draws heavy crowds.

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Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

In March, Spring Break drives up the crowd levels significantly. But, if you visit during any other part of the month, you’ll find beautiful temperatures and get to enjoy the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival.

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Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

The continuation of the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival and Easter festivities (which do draw very large crowds) sum up the special happenings during April. Low crowds, warm temperatures, and special seasonal events make April such an enjoyable month at WDW.

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Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

Memorial Day Weekend marks the (unofficial) start of summer at WDW—and in the past few years, this weekend has been quite eventful! From the grand opening of Pandora – The World of Avatar to the kickoff of a recent “Incredible Summer” campaign of special offerings, Memorial Day Weekend is a very exciting (but busy) time of year. But, in early-mid May, you can enjoy some great pool weather with moderate crowds while the EPCOT International Flower and Garden is still taking place.

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Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

In June, the temperatures start to spike, but the crowds (luckily) range from low to average. The EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival runs all month long and Gay Days happen (during 4 consecutive days) early in the month!

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Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

Spending the 4th of July (despite the very heavy crowds) at WDW is something I believe all Disney fans should do at least once! Seeing so many guests dressed in red, white and blue at the parks, which are also decorated for the patriotic occasion, is just outright cool. The fireworks at EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom will leave your jaw dropped, ready to head back again next year (trust me, I’ve been there)! But, if you know me, you won’t be too surprised to hear that my ultimate 4th of July must-do at WDW is seeing the Voices of Liberty perform their signature show of the year (several times throughout the day)—outdoors at The America Gardens Theatre!

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Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

August is a very rainy—and low crowd—month at WDW, which all leads up to the start of the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival later in the month. If you’re okay with some extreme heat, then August would be a great time for you to take advantage of those low crowds… Just make sure you plan extra time to enjoy the pool at your resort!

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Sep 2024 - WDW Crowd Calendar
Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

After encountering the most incredibly hot weather I’ve ever experienced at WDW in September over the past couple of years, I have a (personal) theory that September is the hottest time of the year to visit WDW (especially early in the month). On Labor Day Weekend, the crowd levels are almost as high as the temperatures! Labor Day is becoming an increasingly popular holiday to visit WDW, but after that busy weekend, the crowds tend to disperse. Plus, by September, the Halloween season is already in full swing!

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Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

October is undoubtedly the most spooktacular time of the year to visit WDW! Crowd levels vary greatly throughout the month (making it even more important to reference our crowd calendar when planning your trip). In addition to the many Halloween festivities October has to offer, the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival continues all month long.

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Nov 2024 - WDW Crowd Calendar
Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

To me, the month of November at WDW can be summed up in one simple word… CHRISTMAS!

The holiday season begins at WDW in November (right after Halloween) with a very quick transition from pumpkin and leave-filled decor throughout the parks and resorts to Christmas trees, lights, garland, and ornaments.

Also, in mid-late November, the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival comes to an end, making way for the EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays!

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Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

All months are magical at WDW, but December just might be the most magical of all. From Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (at the Magic Kingdom) to Sunset Seasons Greetings (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios), the amount of holiday spirit at WDW is simply off the charts… As are the crowd levels towards the end of the month!

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Let the Planning Begin!

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