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Walt Disney World crowds this December


Dear Dad,


I have a question about .


I have plans to go December 12th thru December 18th(our first trip and we have a severely autistic son) and I was looking at the Touring Guide (which I love) and their estimates for this year are WAY lower than their estimates last year and the actual crowds of last year. We will ride just a few rides my son loves characters and Christmas Lights, we can change and go in November if need be, please if you have any advice. :o)



Dad’s it’s too early to tell Answer




I know this sounds like a cop out but it’s just a bit too early to tell what the Walt Disney World crowds will be like this December. It depends on Disney.


I’m a bit surprised by and their predictions of December crowds. I think they are a little low. Historically the first of November is slower than the first of December but with Veterans Day being on a Friday this year that second to third week of November might be a little busier than average.

Dad’s November Disney World crowds page
Dad’s December Disney World crowds page


I think December 12 through 18 will be a great time to visit. If you go in early November you miss the best show during Christmas at Disney World the Candlelight Processional. Other than that, you won’t miss anything.

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page


Now back to what I mean about it’s all up to Disney. Disney has yet to announce discounts for the November/December time frame. If they put out a great deal like the did a few years ago (pay for 4 get 3 free) or free dining with big discounts November and December could get pretty busy. Is that possible? Yes. Is that likely. NO!

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Dad’s Bottom Line


anne, I think you and your son will be just fine with the Walt Disney World crowds in December. November just be worse this year. It’s hard to tell at this point.


PS. If Dad doesn’t get to be in the Voices of Liberty, you might one day see him singing with the Dapper Dans.


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disney world crowds


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disney world events


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Comments for

Aug 21, 2011 see you in December Anne
by: Kurt I bugged Dad with the December questions earlier Anne,and based on his advice we may see you then. I had almost booked the first week in December until he warned against the Pop Warner crowds, so we will be there the 11th. All the Christmas joy but less Christmas crowds… Tis the Season !!

Jul 17, 2011 Great December Information
by: Adam We have researched many online pages about best time to go, crowds etc. Dad your pages are right on and easier to navigate. (well organized) We are planning Dec 2-12, 2011 any suggestions for “off Disney hotel” (timeshare) guests. We have 3 boys (7-5-3). Thank you for your time.

Jul 17, 2011 Wonderful dad
by: anne How wonderful, my brother who has passed away used to sing in a Barbershop Quartet, my magic has already started….. thank you so much.

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