Walt Disney World in November 2010

Walt Disney World in November 2010

by Todd

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Walt Disney World 2009

Hello Carl -

We are planning a trip to Walt Disney World in November 2010. We wanted to see if you could help narrow down some good dates for us? The plan is for a Thur - Tue (6 days) trip this year. We are hoping for the lowest crowds we can get but also would like to be there when the Christmas decorations are up. What would be the best Thursday to start our trip on in November?

How much of the Christmas decoration are up in November? As always - Thank you!!!

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What a beautiful picture. Thanks.

Let's take a look at all the Thursdays in November and see which one meets your needs.

  • November 4th - This will be the Thursday with the lowest crowds, but (don't you just hate that word), the decorations won't be up yet.
  • November 11th - This week crowds will still be light, decorations will be starting to go up, but not all of them will go up until Thanksgiving week.
  • November 18th - Decorations will be up by the 18th. Friday the 19th will probably be the last night of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party until the Monday after Thanksgiving. Crowds will increase every day, but not be overwhelming.
  • November 25 - Thanksgiving Day. Crowds bill be heavy, very heavy for Thursday and Friday, and they will get smaller every day through Monday when the parks will be almost empty. All of the decorations will be either by Thanksgiving or the day after. (Disney used to wait until after Thanksgiving to put Christmas decorations up, but not anymore.)

My suggestion would be, if you want to be sure you see all the Christmas decorations and avoid as much of the crowds possible, go on the 18th. Yes, crowds will be bigger than earlier in the month, but they will still be manageable.

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I hope this helps, and thanks again, Todd, for the question about Disney World in November 2010 and the great picture.

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