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Walt Disney World on $800

by Crystal
(Lake Mary, FL)

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“My twins will turn six in December, and hubby and I want to stay at a resort and enjoy a theme park on Friday through Sunday to celebrate their birthdays. Can I get a Florida rate on any of this during this time of year?

Also, we would like to stay at one of the Animal Kingdom resorts and see the animals from the room, but my total budgets for hotels and park is only $800. Am I dreaming or should we look at another resort? What do you recommend?

We are looking at staying at the hotel for two nights, Friday, December 1st, and Saturday, December 2nd. Can we still go to Animal Kingdom hotel even if we’re not staying more? I am going to Disney for one or two days, probably exploring hotel fun the other day or having Disney BoardWalk fun if that helps the budget

Thank you!”

The door to the patio at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Just head out that door to see the animals – Photo by Cliff Wang

Crystal. I decided I ask my buddies from Destinations to Travel to answer the question for us, and Chris Boyer, who’s pretty cool, he wrote this answer.

All right. “Happy birthday to your twins.” He said something about, you need to make sure you bring the appropriate stuff for the Florida rate, but now let’s dig in to your question.

“There’s currently not a specific Florida resident offer for packages or room stays, but there are great offers on tickets. Unfortunately, to take advantage of that Florida ticket offer, you need to purchase either a three-day or four-day ticket, or a single-day park hopper.

You can currently get single-day tickets for all four of you for December 2nd for $448 for the Magic Kingdom, or $416 for one of the other parks. You can pick up a single park hopper ticket for December 2nd for $558 total.”

“So now the room. Availability for December is extremely limited. That’s been true for a while, meaning we need to look at both what fits in to your budget and what is currently showing as available. To stay within your $800 budget, we’re gonna need to target the value resorts.”

“A preferred room at the Disney All-Star Movies Resort is currently showing available with a total cost of $317.80, including tax. Combine that with a single-day park hopper, and your total would be right around $875. If you go with a single-day Magic Kingdom ticket, you’re under budget at $765.80 for the tickets and the room.”

“So, as far as checking out the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you are more than welcome to resort hop and check out other resorts while you’re at Walt Disney World. You can go to any of them.”

“The bus system won’t take you directly there, so you’ll have to either go to one of the other parks or Disney Springs and get a bus to the Animal Kingdom, or take a Minnie Van, or some other form of transportation.”

Thanks Chris. You rock!

For more great advice from my partners at Destinations to Travel and to book your trip check them out at…

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Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is, it’s doable. It’s going to take some figuring. You’re not gonna be able to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I looked last night, and the cheapest room is $448 at the Animal Kingdom Lodge per night. It’s a pricey hotel.

But, you can go over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. You’ll be able to go out around the pool and see the animals. That’s no problem at all, but as to being able to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, that’s not in that budget.

You can do it. What I would suggest is you go to our Destinations to Travel page and send them a message. One of their agents will get in touch with you and help you get this done.

So, I hope that helps. It’s doable, but you need to get on it right away, because the inventory for the rooms is going very quickly.


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