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Polynesian Village Resort -
Dad's Favorite Hotel

The Walt Disney World Polynesian Village Resort is Dad's Favorite Hotel. Anywhere. Period. Why, you might ask, are you so passionate about this hotel, Dad?


Good question.



First, let me say, the Polynesian is not Dad's favorite hotel because of price. Orlando is full of cheap hotels. This is not one of those hotels. The Polynesian Village Resort is one of the most expensive hotels at Walt Disney World (and that's saying something). Still, it's Dad's favorite.


Christmas decorations at the Walt Disney World  Polynesian Village ResortPhoto by Jeff B.

Location, Location, Location

The biggest reason Dad loves the Polynesian Village Resort is because of it's location. The hotel is located right across Seven Seas Lagoon. Seven Seas Lagoon may be the best body of water on the planet. It's the lake almost everyone crosses to get to the Magic Kingdom. It's so cool. But what makes the location of the hotel so special ...

Monorail Access to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot

The Epcot Monorail from the  Polynesian Village ResortPhoto by Kim Hogarth from the Facebook page


One of Dad's favorite things at Walt Disney World is the monorail. The monorail to the Magic Kingdom runs right through the resort. (Well, not literally through it, that's the Contemporary.)


But it's not just the Magic Kingdom monorail that Dad loves, it's the proximity to the Epcot monorail that really make this resort Disney's best. You can walk from the Poly to the Epcot monorail. It's just a short walk, and if you stay in the Rapa Nui building it's closer to the Transfer and Ticket Center than it is to the Great Ceremonial House.

Dad's Disney World Monorail page

Not only can you get around on the monorail, there is ...

Water Access to the Magic Kingdom

The Admiral Joe Fowler FerryPhoto by Samantha Decker


Beside the monorail, you can get to the Magic Kingdom by boat, not one but two ways. At the Transportation and Ticket Center you can catch one of the big ferry boats (like the Joe Fowler shown above) that shuttle back and forth across Seven Seas Lagoon all day long. Also every 30 minutes a launch departs from the dock for a short trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Dad's Seven Seas Lagoon page

As if access to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot aren't enough, the Polynesian Village Resort is special because it has ...

The Best View of Wishes

Wishes and Cinderella Castle in the Magic KingdomPhoto by Don Sullivan


OK, so you can get to the Magic Kingdom by monorail or boat, Dad, you can do that from the Contemporary and the Grand Floridian too. Yeah, but the Epcot thing is special. But there is another big plus to the location of the Poly, that's the view you can get of Wishes every night. Wishes is the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom. From the beach (see below) you get a perfect angle to watch the magical firework show explode right over Cinderella Castle, just like it does when you're watching from Main Street USA.

Dad's Wishes page


Dad, location is a great thing but surely that's not all that makes this your favorite hotel in the world. What else?


You are right, that's not all. The location is wonderful, but there is also ...

That Island Feeling

The island foilage in the Great Ceremonial House at the  Polynesian Village ResortPhoto by Trixie Wagoner from the Facebook page


This one is just too obvious, but let me spell it out for anyone that needs some help. When Uncle Walt first designed Walt Disney World, he designed 2 hotels to be included. These are the first Disney hotels. The hotels are the Contemporary Resort and the Polynesian Village. The Contemporary Resort was designed to have a modern feel and the Polynesian Village was designed to have a Hawaii or an island feel. Uncle Walt was one smart man.


When you drive up to the Polynesian, there is a unique feel. Usually you will be greeted with an Aloha. That sets the tone for your whole experience. As you enter the Great Ceremonial House, you walk through tropical gardens complete with a stream that has live fish in it, and inside there's even a waterfall. The foyer is packed with lots of green growing plants. You can almost smell the salt air wafting off the ocean. (I'm surprised that Disney hasn't added something like this to the hotel.)

Dad's Great Ceremonial House page

When you walk through the resort, Tiki Torches line the walkways. Tropical plants are everywhere. The longhouses have a truly island look. It's just a great relaxing experience.


The only real difference between Hawaii and Orlando is, in Orlando the buildings are air conditioned.

Dad's Polynesian Village Resort main page

To have an great island hotel you have to have ...

The Beach

The beach at the Walt Disney World Polynesian Village Resort is the best of all the beaches at any of the 25 Disney World hotels. When Uncle Walt originally drained Bay Lake, he and the boys found the lake to be sitting on miles of beautiful white sand perfect for creating beaches. Walt used this sand to create all the beaches around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon.


The Poly has miles (or so it seems) of that beautiful white sand. Disney has set up chairs, hammocks, and even has a paved walkway just the right distance from the water. The beach is a great place to spend an afternoon just chillin' with a cool drink reading that favorite book. (Or whatever it is that people do at beaches. Dad's not real beachy.)


There are even lights on the beach so you can enjoy it after dark. Disney pipes in music all day and late into the evening. When Wishes starts, you can hear the music of the show.

Dad's Polynesian Beach page


Yep, there is a lot to like about the Polynesian Village Resort. It's a great hotel with a really relaxed feel. Yes, it's pricey, but it's in a great location and has some a great beach and a wonderful feel. Check it out for yourself.

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Other things at the Polynesian Resort

Dad's Bottom Line

Dad is a big fan of saving money and you won't save a lot of money by staying in this hotel. But, this is still Dad's favorite hotel anywhere, and it's the best hotel/resort at Walt Disney World.