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Walt Disney World Restaurant Basics – Acronyms

Dad hates Acronyms. It’s especially true of Walt Disney World Restaurants. When you go on some of the forums you’ll see something like, “I called Dis today and made my ADRs for CP during MNSSHP, YnY, CMic and CMay and the biggie CRT”. Call Dad an old foagie or something, but I get a bit tired of trying to figure out what people are talking about.

If you’re new to Walt Disney World, I’m sure you get a bit confused when you see all of these acronyms. I feel your pain. I get confused too at times and I’m a certifiable WDW expert (just had to throw that one in). So let’s deconfuse you and me too.

Here are some of the top Acronyms for Walt Disney World Restaurants –

General purpose

ADR – Advanced Dining Reservations (making reservations before you go)
DDP – Disney Dining Plan
CB – Character Breakfast
CRO/WDTC – Disney Central Reservations (you can make dining reservations there too)
CS – Counter Service or QS – Quick Service
KTTW – Key to the World Card
TS – Table Service

In the Parks

CRT – Cinderella’s Royal Table
CP – Crystal Palace
H&V – Hollywood and Vine
LC – Le Cellier
LTT – Liberty Tree Tavern
R&C – Rose and Crown
RFC – Rainforest Cafe (both in Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney)

In the Resorts/hotels

AP – Artist Point (Wilderness Lodge)
B&C – Beaches and Cream (Yacht and Beach Club)
CG – California Grill (Contemporary)
CM – Chef Mickey’s
HDD – Hoop Dee Doo Review
V&A – Victoria and Albert’s

Boardwalk/Downtown Disney

FFC – Flying Fish Cafe (Boardwalk)
HOB – House of Blues (Downtown Disney)

Those are the normal acronyms when it comes to Disney restaurants. Seems simple enough. They all make sense. No problem right. Wait just a doggone minute.

Just to make it a little more confusing, there are some duplications in these abbreviations. No I’m not talking that there are different abbreviations/acronyms for these terms, but there are other terms with the same acronym/abbreviation. For example, the Crystal Palace (CP) that can also stand for Candlelight Processional and Artist Point (AP) and Annual Pass (AP) these also can be confusing.

Dad’s Bottom Line

I know that in the Twitter/texting world we live in today that abbreviating things saves time, but it can create confusion. That’s why Dad, for the most part, doesn’t use acronyms. Yes, sometimes I slip but only on the biggies like WDW (which stands for Walt Disney World in case you were wondering).

For more information about Disney acronyms go to Dad’s Disney Acronyms page (HTH)

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