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Walt Disney World Tickets from 1991


by Judy
(Hurricane , WV)


We have tickets from 1991 that never expire. My question is can we use these tickets to upgrade to new ones or will we know what we can use them for? How do we go about seeing the newer attractions?  Thank you for your help.


You can see the Barnstormer sign with your 1991 Walt Disney World Tickets

you will be able to see the Barnstormer ride – Photo by Laurie Sapp


Judy, it’s very, very easy to use older tickets. If you have old tickets, you take them to a ticket desk at a Disney hotel or to the ticket window at a park and you exchange them for new tickets or tickets that work today.


Your 1991 tickets are still good park tickets and they work for all the rides and attractions.


Your 1991 tickets probably are not going to work at Animal Kingdom because that park was not open in 1991 but they’ll work at all the other parks.


As long as you’ve got a valid ticket from 1991 that has dates available, days available on it, never expire type tickets then you will be able to use them. Just go to a ticket window and exchange them. Don’t upgrade them. Exchange them for new tickets.


If you were trying to upgrade them, Disney would only pay you what you spent for, what they cost back in 1991. It’s a lot better deal for you to go ahead and upgrade them, fully upgrade them. That’s a whole lot better deal than taking your current ticket and trying to exchange them and have days to your current ticket because they’re only going to give you the $70 or so it originally cost. That won’t even pay for a full day now.


I don’t know how many days you have and what you paid for, but the tickets were a lot cheaper back in 1991 so you won’t get much out of them. Exchange them for new tickets. You won’t be able to go to Animal Kingdom. You should be able to get into all the other parks and you’ll be able to see everything, all the rides, all the shows. Once you get into the parks, it’s all good.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

go to a ticket window or concierge desk. They will know what to. They’ll take care of you.


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