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Walt Disney World vacation in late March

by Lauren

Hi! Well my family is taking a Walt Disney World vacation in late March. We were wondering how to avoid the crowds for the big rides at all the parks. Please be as specific as possible.

Thanks in advance!!

Dad’s check this out Answer

Lauren, avoiding lines on the big rides is difficult and easy. First you MUST be in the parks when they open. You’ll want to be toward the front of the line. Each park is a little different when it comes to avoiding crowds. In all 4 you use a combination of doing the big rides early and using FastPass.

Dad’s Disney World Crowds page

Magic Kingdom – this is the hardest park to avoid lines. It has the most “big” rides and they are the farthest apart. You can’t ride them all first thing, but if you work at it, you can get through without too much wait. The Mountains require a bit of thought. Splash and Big Thunder are right together, so you can get a FastPass for one and ride the other. That usually works. We always start at Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. Our day usually ends over at the Jungle Cruise.

Dad’s Magic Kingdom Crowds page

EPCOT – EPCOT is a lot harder now that Soarin’ is open. In years past, you would grab a FastPass for Test Track and ride Mission Space. Now, with Soarin’ the plot thickens. You could grab a Fastpass for Soarin’ go ride Mission Space, then go ride Test Track using the single rider line. Or, do the Test Track/Mission Space thing then go grab a FastPass for Soarin’. Just make sure you get your Soarin’ Fastpass as soon as possible. Both Test Track and Mission Space have lines that can get you in faster, but Soarin’ only has the regular line (usually an hour or more) and the FastPass line.

Dad’s EPCOT Crowds page

Disney Hollywood Studios – This is another one that has been complicated by a new ride that gets huge lines. My suggestion is go to Toy Story Mania, go directly to Toy Story Mania as fast as you can. Then do the Tower of Terror/Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster thing.

Dad’s Disney Hollywood Studios Crowds page

Animal Kingdom – Animal Kingdom is easy. Have your fastest walker go to Expedition Everest and get FastPass then meet the party at the Safari. The rest of the day is easy.

Dad’s Animal Kingdom Crowds page

Dad’s Bottom Line

It’s pretty easy to avoid crowds during a Walt Disney World vacation in late March. Get to the parks early. Do the big rides first. Know how to use FastPass.

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