water park choices

water park choices

We are going to Disney in August and my husband and 7 year old son would like to take one day and visit one of the two water parks. Which one do you think would be a better choice for a 7 year old?

Dad's this one is easy Answer

Disney has 2 great water parks. Blizzard Beach is the world's "coolest" water park. It's also the world's brightest water park because of all the "snow" around.

Dad's Blizzard Beach, the World's Coolest Water Park page

The other water park, Typhoon Lagoon has just about the most restful place on all the planet. Castaway Creek (the lazy river) is one of my favorite spots in all of Disney World.

Dad's Typhoon Lagoon page

So, which is better for the younger ones? For us it's no comparison. While Mrs. Mom and I prefer Typhoon Lagoon, Ketchakiddie Creek is an awesome place for those that are severely vertically challenged. Our Man-Child absolutely had a ball. We couldn't drag him out of Ketchakiddie Creek even to eat (and that's saying something for that child).

Dad's Bottom Line

For the younger set and the teens Blizzard Beach rocks, for the rest of us, it's Typhoon Lagoon all the way!

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