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WDW Discounts for spring 2019

by Kristi

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“Hi DAD!

I scrolled thru questions for a long while, and didn’t see this one (for current time) so I hope this isn’t a repeat!

We have our trip booked for May 5th-11th 2019! I was so excited to see your you tube video where you said this is one of your pick weeks for the best times to visit in 2019! This will be our 4th visit to WDW and we are just hoping for a little less crowds lol. We will be celebrating our son Graduating from College in May, (he’s going into Education) and then he gets married in October.. busy year for us.

I was wondering if you have any information or rumors of any discounts being offered during that time frame.

Thanks for your help!”

Soon, Very Soon

Pluto and Daisy Duck at Flower and Garden Festival

You’ll be there just in time to see the Flower and Garden Festival – Photo by Cliff Wang


That does sound like a very busy year. Congratulations on the graduate and the wedding.

The late spring 2019 discounts will be out in a few days. My guess will be early December. Maybe as early as next week.

The current discounts end in April. The May and summer discounts should be out soon.

Why Wait?

Why wait? Go ahead and book your trip today. Get your deposit in and lock in your price (increase there’s a price increase before the discounts come out).

Our partners at Destinations to Travel will monitor your reservation and if any discount comes out they will work to get it applied to your reservation. You don’t have to wait, watch the Internet every day, call Disney, hope things work out. They do all that for you. (And they get a heads up when it’s going to happen.)

They will also help take some of the planning stress from your busy year. They will be a big help. Trust me.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

You shouldn’t have to wait too long for the May discounts, but why wait at all. Turn it all over to Destinations to Travel and get that boy through school and married.


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