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WDW for 2 Days Pre-Cruise


by Amy


Hey there! We are taking the Disney Cruise in October and wanted to get there a few days early and go to Disney World. This will be our first time ever going to WDW. However; I wanted to know if we needed to get park hoppers since we only have 2 days to see the parks. Is it worth it to park hop? Thanks for any help!



Cinderella Castle and Main Street

Gotta see the Magic Kingdom Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s Quantity or Quality Answer




it really depends on how much you want to see – both in terms of quantity and quality. You can certainly get Park Hopper passes and do each park for half a day whirlwind tour of the top attractions. You could also pick two parks and do one each day, taking in as many attractions as possible and enjoying the magic of each park. It’s really up to you!


If it were me, I’d say it’s not worth it to Park Hop for 2 days – Walt Disney World can be overwhelming to anyone but for first-timers especially, it’s a lot to take in. Plus, part of the magic of the Disney parks is the attention to every little detail. It would be a shame to miss out on all those special touches as you rush around.


If you go the 2-park route, the Magic Kingdom is a must! In Dad’s opinion, no trip to Walt Disney World is complete without a trip up Main Street USA to see Cinderella Castle. EPCOT would be a great second park – the division of Future World and World Showcase make this like two parks in one! EPCOT has fantastic entertainment and great food – it’s the perfect second park.


All that being said, if you love movies and the magic of cinema, animation, and special effects, Disney Hollywood Studios would be a great choice for a second day at Walt Disney World. Or if you’re an animal lover, head over to Animal Kingdom for the day! There’s really something for everyone.


Whether you decide to pick two parks and spend a day at each (quality), or visit all four parks over your two-day trip (quantity), I’d strongly suggest visiting They have dozens of plans to help you tour the parks, including ones specifically designed for visitors pairing their Walt Disney World Trip with a cruise. They’ll help make sure you see everything you want to in the time you have!


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Amy, everyone’s travel style is different, so this is a choice you’ll have to make with your family. In Dad’s humble opinion, the “quality” approach is the way to go – you’ll be able to tour 2 parks thoroughly, and even have time to enjoy all those special Disney touches. Either way, I wish you a magical vacation!


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Jun 23, 2012 Muse see parks
by: melanie I agree that Magic kingdom is a must see park and splash mountain is a must do ride. But I prefer Animal Kingdom over epcot. Dont get me wrong, EPCOT do have some nice features but I prefer Animal Kingdom.

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