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We want to see the Christmas decorations at Disney World


by Marcia
(Rhode Island)


Hello…my family and I have been to Walt Disney World in September for the past 3 years and love the low crowds and free dining! This year we want to see Christmas decorations at Disney World for the first time.


We are able to travel Wednesday to Tuesday. Do you suggest 11/30 to 12/6 or 12/7 to 12/13? Looking for lowest crowds and possibility of free dining! I know both weeks overlap pop Warner and the parade taping is Saturday 12/4. Does the taping usually just effect Magic Kingdom that day (and maybe Sunday if rain)?


Thanks in advance!

Father Christmas at EPCOT is part of the Christmas Decorations and shows at Disney World

You can hear the story of Father Christmas Photo by Donna 62


Dad’s I’d go early Answer




I love the Christmas decorations at Disney World. It’s my favorite time of the year. In fact just writing about it makes me want to sing. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”(Dad sound just like good old Andy.)

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page


If it were me, I’d go November 30 to December 6. Why? You get the most time before the kiddos arrive. The teams will start arriving Sunday or so which gives you 4 days before they arrive. They don’t really get into the parks until Monday night.


It really doesn’t matter too much. If you check the predicted crowd levels at, you’ll see there real compatible.


Now about the Parade taping. It only effects the Magic Kingdom, and really only effects the areas where the taping is happening. It can make getting around in the park difficult, but until the taping is over for the day, it doesn’t impact the length of lines at the rides.


You aren’t going to be able to get free dining during the week of December 4. Disney exempts that week. (Dad still contends Free Dining is Dead.)


Dad’s Bottom Line


I don’t think there will be a lot of difference between the weeks. You’ll get to see all the Christmas decorations at Disney World and miss most of the crowds.


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disney world crowds


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disney world events


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Comments for

Apr 22, 2011 Oh Oh….
by: Big Don OK, you just threw me for a loop. We are going to Disney from 12/6-12/17 because we have always been impressed with this time frame and the low crowds. Now your telling me that “kiddos” are invading. I’m clueless what you mean (and already locked in on the time frame)….heck I’m even clueless what she meant by parade, we’ve never had an issue and sure don’t want to find one this time around either. A little more help/explanation would be appreciated.

Dad’s help/explanation

Big Don,

Kiddos. Ever year, Walt Disney World hosts the Pop Warner Football and Cheerleader Championships the first full week of December. (This year that’s the week of December 6.) Hundreds of teams from around the country descend on Walt Disney World that week for the competition.

What does it mean? The big thing is if Disney has discounts for the fall/winter time frame, that week is always exempted. So you won’t get free dining, or any other special deal.

Hey, Dad, I checked your December Disney World Crowds page and didn’t see any big jumps in crowd levels. What’s the big deal? It’s really not a big deal. The All Star Resorts will be full of kiddos, but the parks won’t really be impacted except in the evenings. Even agrees. Check out their predictions.

Yes, some people have reported unruly groups of pre-teens in the parks in the evenings. But if you’re smart, most of your touring will be done by then.

How’s that for help/explanation?

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