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Weather at Disney World in September 2013


by Cassie
(South Hadley, MA)


Hi Dad!


My Boyfriend and I are planning our next trip to Disney in 2013, and we were thinking of going the first week of October (before Columbus Day) or the middle-end of September and wondered if you could give us an idea about what the weather will be like at Disney World when were planning to be there.


The thing is, I keep seeing that this is peak Hurricane season, and that worries me. What do you know about going in this time? Is it a good idea? Is it likely that we’ll be facing constant rain or just the occasional shower? I wanna know as far in advance as possible since temperature-wise this is a great time. My family has gone in the past in October and it did rain, but we also went the week of Halloween, so I just need a bit of clarification.




The Weather at Disney World at Expedition Everest is beautiful

Every Day at Disney World should be like this Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night Answer




Wow! Let me get this straight, you want Dad to predict the weather at Walt Disney World in September 2013. That’s two years away. I know what kind of answer you would get from any sane Disney Guru (yes, Dad is now a Disney Guru). That would be “your crazy. How on earth could I predict the weather two years from now?” That’s what a sane person would say.


Dad’s never been accused of being sane. So here’s my answer. Are you ready … It’s gonna be good … Here it comes …


The Disney World weather in September 2013 … the lows will be in the low 70’s the highs will be in the upper 80’s to low 90’s. There’s a 50% chance that it will rain during your trip, but only a 20% chance for each day. The chance of you encountering a hurricane in September of 2013 is less than 10%.


How’s that for a complete forecast? Ain’t Dad something? (Yea, but we haven’t quite figured out what.)


OK, that aside, predicting the weather in Florida is easy and hard. It’s easy because it’s pretty predictable. During the fall, the highs will be in the 80’s to 90’s. With that temperature there will probably be afternoon showers 2 to 3 days per week. These will not be all day rain events, just peek-a-boo showers that last 45 minutes to an hour then are gone.


However, there will be several days when the showers will turn to big lines of thunderstorms that will last for several hours. These days can be pretty miserable. You never now what weather is going to do. Even the best weathermen in the world miss their forecasts pretty often.


About hurricanes in Florida. There is a very minimal chance that a hurricane will hit around Orlando at any given time. There have only been 2 years in the 40 year history of Disney World that hurricanes did damage around the parks and impacted operations. Those years were back to back (2004 and 2005).


So, is September worse than October for weather at Disney World and hurricanes in Florida? Of the three hurricanes that have done major damage in Orlando, one hit in August, one in September and one in late October. So, statistically, you have the same chance in October that you do in September.


My recommendation for everyone going to Disney World and especially during hurricane season is to buy the Disney World Travel Insurance. It’s pretty cheap and covers your flights even if you don’t get them from Disney. You can get more information about trip insurance from …

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Cassie, there is not a big difference between the weather at Disney World from mid-September to Columbus Day. It will be virtually the same. The chance of a hurricane will be 100% whatever time you pick, just because Dad predicted your chances at very slim.


The weather will be what it will be.


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May 28, 2013 Sept. in Disney
by: Anonymous Have been there 3 times all in Sept. really good times best answer to give is yes it will rain sometimes really bad and then other times not at all but the bonus is there are hardly anyone in the give a little to get a little.

Sep 19, 2011 Best Answer Ever
by: Linda J Once again, Dad hit a home run. Great job Dad.

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