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Weather in March at Walt Disney World …


by Wendy
(Silver City, NM )


We are thinking of going back to Disney World in early March. Will it be warm enough for my daughter to play on the beach and pool at the Polynesian?


Last time we went it was September and it was very very hot and humid, but I’m worried the weather in March at Walt Disney World it would be too cold? Not sure.


Dad’s don’t worry, be happy Answer

Wendy, (Seen any Lost Boys lately? Couldn’t resist.)


March is a great time to visit. The weather in March at Walt Disney World is just about perfect. It does get a little chilly in the evenings for swimming, but the afternoons will be great. (Average lows are in the mid 50’s and average highs are around 80.)


All the Disney hotel swimming pools are heated, and kept at a comfortable temperature. Our crazy son went swimming in December one year when the outside temperature was just above freezing. (He wasn’t the only crazy person in the pool or even the youngest.)



Your daughter will love the Nanea Pool and the beach. The Polynesian is a great place for kids.


Dad’s Polynesian Resort Page


Hope you have a great time.


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