Website information for Epcot

Website information for Epcot

by Kathy Hackett
(New Jersey)

Great Website!

I just found your website information for Epcot. It's very informative. We are from New Jersey and only go to Disney/Universal on New Jersey week.

thank you

Great Website Information for Epcot

The best website for information for Epcot
Photo by Express Monorail

Dad's not really an Answer


Thanks for the nice words. Dad's does have a great website for information about Epcot and all the rest of Walt Disney World too. It's neat that you found me and that you enjoyed the information about Epcot.

Dad's Epcot page

Epcot is a great place to spend a day or a week. There's great food, there are some mind blowing rides, and the movies and shows complete the whole experience.

Now about that Jersey Week thing. It's amazing how much press Jersey Week gets. Yes, a lot of people come from New Jersey to Walt Disney World in November. But the crowds are smaller than even a slow summer day.

Dad's November Disney World Crowds page

The really good thing about Jersey Week is it's when all the Christmas decorations go up. It's the most wonderful time to visit Walt Disney World. Christmas at Epcot is as good as it gets. The bad thing about Jersey week is that you miss Disney's best Christmas Show, the Candlelight Processional.

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

Kathy, again, thank you. I hope you enjoy Epcot and everything else in Orlando.

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